When Prayer Becomes a Burden

Sometimes getting yourself to pray alone may seem difficult. To kneel down, lay down or sit for minutes or hours communicating to God can become a burden if care is not taking. Even when you try to pull yourself into prayer to get your mind to focus is another big problem, at this point prayer becomes a burden.

When prayer becomes a burden is a pointer that something is wrong somewhere and it’s time to pause and evaluate. Prayer doesn’t become a burden like that, something somewhere always triggered it.

If you are someone who can pray for hours but find it difficult to do some minutes in prayer then prayer has become a burden to you.

If you are someone who is consistent with daily prayer but can do 3 days or more without praying then prayer has become a burden to you.

If you are someone who can go on personal retreat but find it hard to create time to go on a retreat sighting work as excuse then prayer has become a burden to you.

When you can no longer focus your heart on God when you pray but always wander here and there, thinking of life issues, then prayer has become a burden to you.

You are a member of the choir. You are known for your unique and glorious voice in the church but your voice is scarce in the worship register of heaven…something is wrong sister.

You may be the prayer priest of your church or the praying machine of your fellowship but your prayer voice is only heard in heaven when you are in prayer meeting… something is wrong brother.

It’s time to evaluate what went wrong..it’s time to sit and analysis what went missing

1.   Evaluate your busy schedule:

Tight schedule at work/school can actually eat deep into your prayer life. There are things you must do every day. There are house chores, office work, lectures and other important meetings that you must attend. If care is not taking, these things can make prayer to become a burden to you gradually because there won’t be time to pray again as you use to do. It will start with you skipping your prayer schedule, then a day without prayer then two days, then a week, then a month or more without prayer by the time you realized, you will notice that to pray again as before has become a burden. You will realized those lines of thanksgiving and prayers that flows easy from your lips can not just flow as before. You get tired easily after the first 5 minutes and eventually give up. To avoid this, you must learn to incorporate prayer into your day-to-day activities.

2.   When you fall into sin:

When a strong Christian can go on and on for days without communicating with the Holy Spirit because of tight schedule then to fall into error maybe inevitable. Never forget that you are still standing because the supply of God’s grace to overcome temptations. They will always come and once you are not under the grace to overcome it then the fall. Sin will suck out the energy drive of prayer in your life. Peradventure this happens to you (God forbid), please take your time to genuinely seek for His forgiveness. Forget all other issues of life and focus on reconciling with the Father at this moment. Until you settle this, you won’t have the boldness to come to the throne of grace again.

3.   When you drive pleasure in sin:

I know there can be a time where a believer can slip into error (sin- God forbid) and quickly retrace his/her step back to God but when a believer begins to enjoy the pleasure derived from sin that that’s a big trouble. The more you derive pleasure from sin, the more you practice sinning and the farther you go away from God. Have you ever try to prayer after committing an offense? You know it’s difficult, how much more when you commit sin consistently? Therefore as a matter of urgency, you must say NO to the pleasure of sin. Any time you noticed that you enjoyed conversation of the past, actions of the past, gathering that doesn’t glorify God, this is a pointer that your prayer life is under attack and you have begin to enjoy the pleasures of sin. Make u-turn instantly you realize this.

4.   When you can pray well in the church but can’t do so at home:

Unfortunately, this has been the order of the day yet people fail to realize the danger in this. Your life is under attack when your spiritual life is under attack. Your spiritual life is under attack when your prayer life is under attack. Your prayer life is under attack when you cannot pray by yourself. And not talking about 5 minutes prayer before bedtime or early in the morning (this can be the starting point) but am talking about constant communion with God.

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In conclusion, for you to overcome laziness and prayerlessness, you must be determined to take your life by your hand. You must be determined not to give the devil any room in your life. Knowing the devil is after your faith, give him a fight, resist him and he will flee. Secondly, you must carry God everywhere you go. Be God conscious even in your busy schedule. And lastly, as a matter of fact make speaking in tongues your second official language. Pray in the Holy ghost at all times.

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