In this part, we will try and look at the point that many people associate spirituality with appearance. are they right and what parameters should be used?

How can we relate our physical appearance with our spirituality?

Let me start to the illustration giving by Pastor E. A. Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

Several years ago when The Redeemed Christian Bible College was growing, he invited a white preacher to come and teach the bible college student. After the preacher left, he visited the student to review what they learnt and he found out that the preacher taught them that your appearance has nothing to do with your spirituality. Your outward appearance doesn’t determine who you are.

He said he gave them an illustration which I will use to answer that question. He went to the market and got two oranges (one rotten and one ripe). He took it to the class and asked the student which of the orange is good to consume? They all replied the green ripen one. Then he asked how do you know the other is not good for consumption? They said the other is rotten. He asked, how do you know the other is rotten and not good for consumption when you have not opened it and see the inside? They said they know because it is rotten outside.

Therefore the class concluded that your physical appearance is directly proportional to what you have inside.

From the above illustration, we can deduced that

  1. We can’t know what’s inside you but we can correctly “guess” what’s inside by what we see outside.
  2. We also know that what is on the inside will always reflect on the outside.

In the olden days, we can recognize a mad man and prostitute from their appearance but that’s not working these days again. Because most of our guys are with the same hair style that we known to be one thing for us to recognize a mad man. There is no difference between the appearance of most of our church ladies and prostitute.

As a matter of fact, some of our young Christians are living a double life. They have a style of dressing solely for church services. Yet when you see them outside you will ask yourself is this not so, so and so.

They dressed moderately to church but are comfortable to exposing dresses but they are fast to judge and brand those who have a stable life as SU. I will rather say these people are hypocrite, why will you in a particular to God’s presence and dress another way when you are outside.

Our spirituality starts from the day we are born-again. Once you are born-again, there is no visible change, no one around you will notice anything or changes apart from you. You won’t grow bigger in size or higher in height yet you know something has changed about you because once you are born-again, a new nature is birthed in your spirit-man yet the old man is still there ‘the flesh’.

God’s nature in you will begin to contradict the old nature in you. For example, the old man want to live a flamboyant life but the new nature in you is an advocate of moderation. The old nature wants to enjoy itself go partying, drinking and smoking but the new man want consecration so that you can yield yourself to God. The old nature want to flaunt his/her beauty to the world by wearing exposing dresses but the new nature focuses more on the beauty from the inside. The one you yield to will determine where you fall either you are a spiritual or carnal.

The more you yield to the flesh more than the spirit, the more carnality will eat into you even as a Christian.

  • Don’t tell me you are yielding to the Spirit when all your cleavage are exposed for us all to see..what type of spirit are you yielding to am sure it’s not the Holy Spirit.
  • what type of spirit are you yielding to, when you will have to draw down your skirt or blouse to cover remaining part…am sure it’s not the Holy Spirit.
  • what type of spirit are you yielding to when you can devote all your time to take care of the way you look and neglect the nourishment of your spirit… am sure it’s not the Holy Spirit.

Who you are on the inside will definitively reflect on the outside.

Don’t get me wrong, the scripture encourages good outward looking. Sarah, Rebecca and Rachael were said to be good to look upon. Joseph and David were said to be good looking. There is no excuse on that but the scripture emphasizes on moderation in all you do and focus more on your inner beauty.

Now the use of earrings, make-up, trousers, clothes and hair styles doesn’t dictate if a believer is spiritual or carnal. Those be deceived, many people that use all this are more spiritual than those who doesn’t.

Yet you can know a spiritual man in all circumstance of appearance in the matter of moderation. How do you wear your clothes? How do you wear your jewelries? How do you wear your make-up?

  1. For what purpose are you wearing all these?
  2. Can you go a day or weeks without wearing or using all these?
  3. If you are asked to do away with it what will be your response?

Your honest answer to these determines where you fall.

1peter 3:3 “whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair and of wearing of gold or putting on of apparel”

Thanks for reading this long; we believe this write up is helpful. Please feel free to comment below and share this write up to your friends and family. It can save a brother/sister.

©Oladimeji Olayinka Joseph


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