In the beginning of this article we highlighted that there are two types of Christians: the carnal and the Spiritual. We said the carnal Christian is the one that is carnally mined while a spiritual Christian is the one that is spiritually minded.


Today, we will focus on the fact that some Christians are tagged to be over-spiritual. They are tagged to be a fanatic Christians, over-sabi Christians and being over spiritual.

The kind of Christianity we practice in this generation is a Christianity that has exposed the gap between fellow believers and made some believers to believe that other believers are doing above the board.

Yet I have these few things to say:

  • If the three Hebrew boys were in this generation, what would you have said? When they stood for their faith of not serving any other god than the God of Israel by refusing to bow down (out of all the people including their fellow Jews brethren (fellow believers)) to the graven image of Nebuchadnezzar and risked their lives in the fiery furnace. If being over-spiritual is like this, I will prefer to be one.
  • If Daniel were to be in this generation, what would you have said? When He refused to defile himself with the king’s portion and he still went ahead to offer prayers to God publicly against the scheme of other princes and order of the kings. We would have called him to be over-sabi Christians. We would have said he’s too spiritual yet his action makes all the land of Babylon to fear the God of Israel. If he’s actions will be termed spiritual, I will prefer to be one.
  • If Joseph were to be in this generation, what would you have said? When he refused to go down with oga-madam and compromised his faith. We would have said, he too mumu. How can he miss that chance? Yet if he hadn’t done that, he wouldn’t be in prison and he would have the chance to be at the palace. If this is termed to be over spiritual then I will prefer to be one.
  • If Prophet Elisha should have lived in this generation, the “men of God” of this generation especially the young ministers would have said he’s not smart and too dense because of religion. How will he reject the gifts offered to him by Naaman. He didn’t know God will not come down by Himself and bless him ni…if his action will be termed to over-spiritual then I will prefer to be one.
  • In my little journey of Christianity have come to understand that it is not every gift you collect. Every opportunity is not necessarily your opportunity. Every open door is not your open door. There are some custom-made opportunities for your lifting and there are some custom-made to bring your down.
  • If this young man was in our generation when Elijah dropped mantle on him and he left all, bid his family farewell even burnt the farm tools and barbecued the oxen…aaaah, we would have said he’s mad oo. Did following Christ make you lose your senses? All this over-zealous brothers sef. What will the family say? What about siblings and friends? Yet that single act produced a great prophet from him.
  • How many guys and ladies in this generation had been discouraged from making seeking God their highest vocation? Some who suppose to be great teachers, apostles, prophets and ministers of the gospel are struggling in the labor market because someone somewhere saw that as being over-spiritual. How many of them have been ridiculed and rejected all because they chose to follow Christ all the way? Many are seen as been useless and jobless all because they attend every church services but I tell you in years to come you will know that they re not jobless neither useless but they will be fearless in situation that will make you shrink.
  • I can recall when God called me into full time ministry, some family members, friends, colleagues and even senior pastors (that suppose to be a source of encouragement even if others don’t understand) all said a lot of things. I was told am living a confused life. I was told am living my life to assumptions. I was told am been over-zealous. I was told they also had the experiences I had and it’s nothing. I was told who will call someone like me to a full time ministry; I should better face my job.
  •  I answered one senior pastor humorously that daddy will I be too young to be a lawyer or a doctor? When he said are you not too young to be in full time ministry. At some point all that caged my spirit and I chose their voices over the voice of God. Thanks to God for His mercy, He had to arrange a confirmation for me through a man of God I never knew. And that was it, I had it enough, I shut out all other voices and follow His voice. Many guys and ladies many not have the grace I had. Maybe you are one like this, you had shut out the voice of the high calling, please go on a retreat to seek His face and let Him tell you His plan for you.

Let me sight a few more examples of over-spiritual:

  • If over spirituality is Apostle Paul publicly rebuking the possessed girl who was camouflaging to be on their side then I would have loved to be termed over-spiritual pastor. Yet that single act brought deliverance to the young girl and liberated the city.
  • In fact some of us will term the Lord Jesus Christ action to be over-spiritual went he flogged those who are selling and buying in the temple.
  • If over spirituality is Apostle Paul withstanding Apostle Peter and the other apostles at Jerusalem in a debate regarding the acceptance and salvation of the gentiles…I would love to be called one.

We have some so call “men of God” and some who just sudden realized they know how to study the bible (in the spirit of criticism) all over the world who had infuriated the body of Christ with heresies yet we gullibly accept and not even try to see for ourselves in the scripture which one is truth or not. The presented facts to us but fact is not always the truth.

I was shocked to see that the greatest supporter of one radio presenter criticisms and attacks on our fathers of faith are young Christians. Especially on the area of tithing whereas most of them don’t even tithe because they lack the appropriate revelation behind it (I’M A TITHER), where are the men and women who will stand to say the truth?

There has been a movement of grace since the time of Martin Luther King but it gained prominence recently and my fear is for the young Christians who has no root in the knowledge of the scripture because if that message is not properly balanced, interpreted and understood, it will lead to heresy and breed lukewarmness, lasciviousness in the body of Christ.

Can you recall the story of that young girl in Bokoharam captivity: Shahibu Leah. Many of us criticized her action saying she’s too spiritual and over-zealous when she refused to deny Jesus in exchange for her freedom. Although we don’t know her where about but believe me, some of us won’t near her place in the kingdom of God with the way we are handling our Christian walk.

Let me conclude this part of article this way, yes it’s truth that some people over step the line but that doesn’t make some people over-spiritual. Some are just religious-fanatic and it’s nothing about being spiritual.

For the record there is nothing as being over-spiritual, it is either you are spiritual or you are not. Either you are cold or you are hot.

Thanks for reading this long; we believe this write up is helpful. Please feel free to comment below and share this write up to your friends and family. It can save a brother/sister.

©Oladimeji Olayinka Joseph


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