Mr. Oladele stepped to the podium to explain the scandal of how his wife and boss absconded in amorous carousal… He took the microphone, sighed deeply and spoke for about 20 mins, soon the hall was as quiet as the grave yard, everyone was moved with such empathy for him…

“And so she came back battered, ill-treated and filthy” Mr. Oladele continued… ”she approached my car and knelt before me. On seeing her, my eyes turned red and tearing expressing both my anger and sadness. I however helped her up amidst my tears and embraced her; signaling my forgiveness.”

Most of the audience immediately began to sing his praise and applaud his courage and love for his wife… others said he was too soft and ought to have paid back in her coin.

Mr. Oladele’s concluding words gave everyone a meditation… he said: “I sobbed and embraced my wife not because I love her that much but rather because I love God that much…it is HE who would be disappointed if I had acted foolishly. Every part of me wanted revenge and deemed judgement but my love for GOD rules my will…I WAS ASKED TO FORGIVE AND SO I MUST!”

A God fearing man isn’t one who just goes to church or practice strict religion,

The true definition of a God-fearing man is he who obeys the directives of God against his own feelings trusting God to be wiser.

Samuel continued praying for the nation of Isreal not because he was pleased with them but rather considered what God would have wanted…1 Sam 12:23

David could have killed Saul but considered what God would have wanted… 1 Sam 24: 5-7

Joseph could have slept with Potiphar’s wife but considered what God would have wanted…Gen 39:9

If God says ‘Call your wife and apologize’ would you? Or would you rather explain to God why it should be the other way round?

If God says ‘Cook your husband his favorite delicacy’ would you? Or would you rather explain to God how he hasn’t paid the children’s tuition yet?

God knows all things so HIS instructions are always well thought through…GOD is aware of his/her faults already but HE does what will favor you eventually not necessarily what will favor you immediately.

God is more interested in securing the future and not just in gratifying your present fantasies

In marriage, feeling of love rise and fall, challenges would come as storms and temporarily alter the atmosphere at home, it’s in times like this you would need God’s love to pull through, Only a God-fearing man would be able to stay kind, loving, faithful, and loyal to his spouse even when he doesn’t really feel like it…his obedience to God will keep him in such times.


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©Ogunwusi Mayowa Samuel


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