The Ancient Mantle Of Fire

The Ancient Mantle Of Fire

The book of Acts 2 recorded that in the upper room, the Holy Ghost sat on everyone in form of fire irrespective of their AGE & GENDER.

In Acts chapter 10, at the house of Cornelius, The Holy Ghost descended on the entire household not excluding the women, youth and teenagers or even children ooo… If you haven’t read God’s Generals book please get the book and study how God used ordinary men and women for extraordinary things. Evans Brown, John G. Lake, the great healing evangelist William Braham, Katherine Kulman, Aimee Mcpherson and a lot of God’s Generals were all used from their youthful age to do jaw dropping, supernatural miracles.

Who said you are too Young to carry the ancient mantle?

Who said you are inexperience to wear the ancient coat of fire?…Aaaaaah

The supernatural doesn’t know age or gender, it only bow to those who have the ancient fire in them.

Great men contacted fire in their early 20s. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome had been on fire right from campus…He experienced the first supernatural at a large gathering, preaching ​for Arch. Bishop IDAHOSA as a student.

Bishop David Oyedepo was on fire for God…He established the first church at the age of 19..yes, you heard me right 19 years. But you are busy giving excuse to avoid kingdom assignment that you are too young.

Never despite your youthful age..If you don’t unlock the ancient secret while you are still single and youthful, you may never unlock it again.

Hear me..Those who reach stardom are early risers and early starters. It’s time we go after God with all we have. It’s time to seek the real fire…It’s mighty in this generation

Stir your hunger for the ancient mantle of fire?

I have met young men who carried the ancient mantle sir. They were not pastors but had what most pastors craved for. They don’t have prophet title but they walked in accurate prophecy and vision. They are mighty axes in God’s hand. ooh! how i love to see young men burn for God. How i love to see young women on fire. This is my delight and it keeps my feet on the ground and eyes on the prize.

The first person to hint me about my calling when I was in J S S 1 was a young man in his 20s then (Dr. Ayodele Adeyeye). He called me from where he was resting after vigil and said Yinka, God said you will become a pastor. I asked myself, when God said that. He started his ministry in his 20s oo. He left Ibadan to Ogbomoso (Oyo State, Nigeria) during a Christmas period with a group of young people mainly from the University of Ibadan for evangelism and everybody returned back before the New Year but he stayed back and said God told Him to stay back. They literally nicked name Him “FIRE”. He stirred my hunger and thirsty for God. He taught me the art of spiritual warfare.

Maybe you still don’t get, I began to press into God when I was 17 years. I coordinated a vigil where a lady guest volunteered to pray after we are done and she began to prophecy. I was shocked because that’s the first time I heard someone of my age said that.

That day was the deal for me…I made up my mind to get what this young girl had. If truly God speaks to men, I want to hear Him too. Unquenchable hunger for God was birthed in my heart and I got it.

What drives you towards God? What moves you to press more into Him? If you don’t have a motivation, you can’t press enough

Brethren, we are in the last days. This is the days of prophecy fulfillment. This is the days when young men and women will operate the usual grace. This is the age of visions and prophecy like never below. It was prophesied and it’s here already. Men are rising from all over the world yet more are still coming. God is ready to pour down fire like never before upon us. The last great revival before the end of the world is upon us. I can hear the sounds of fire everywhere. Where ever you maybe don’t miss out and don’t break the ranks.

How to contact the Ancient Fire?

  1. Be willing and available: I am saying spirituality is not a function of age & gender but a function of grace. I know you are in your early 20s, I know you are a lady, I know you are quiet, I know you are not out spoken; God is not looking for capacity but availability.

The first thing God is looking for in a vessel is availability not ability. Moses was a stammerer, Aaron was outspoken yet God chose Moses ahead of Aaron. Be willing to pursue God. Be willing to press more into Him. Make seeking God your highest vocation. Be available for Him to use you.

  1. Right motive: Majority of Christians, church leaders, ministers are pursuing the ancient mantle of fire but only few men are blessed to have this. Yet they are fasted and prayed.

Prayer and fasting is compulsory on our Christian journey but if only fasting is what gives the fire, then almost all “men of God” will carry the authentic fire. Men have fasted for days. Some have gone for 40 days dry fasting. Some have stretch fasting throughout the years yet some only did it periodically and they got it.

As far as prayer is non-negotiable for us as a Christian, but if the ancient fire will be released just because of people’s prayer, then many of our pastors all over the world will be a walking fire. Hear me sir, men have prayed..aaah men have lost themselves inside the bush, on the mountain praying fervently for fire yet only few carry that fire.

Don’t be deceived prayer and fasting is needed if you want to carry the ancient fire. They are non-negotiable. You must seek for it in the place of prayer as if you life depends on it. Yet your motive is the first criterion God will use if you are worthy to carry the fire.

As you go on fasting and praying, God is scanning your heart to see your motive behind your request. Why are you asking for God’s power? To show the world that you have arrived? To show your friends or your family that God called you? Why are you praying so hard to get God’s power? You really need to answer this continue.

How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with Holy Ghost and with power who went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil for God was with Him. Acts 10:38

But ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem and in all Judea and in Samaria and unto the uttermost part of the earth. Acts 1:8

Both scripture above speaks of power and service. The baptism of The Holy Ghost is not for personal use but for service unto others. The ancient fire is not a private property but its service oriented. If you are not ready to serve with it, God won’t give you.

God won’t release His fire on you based on your hunger alone but first of all based on the reason you are hungry after the fire. Let your motive be right

  • Consistency: Can I tell you the truth; there is something our fathers knew that we don’t know yet. There is something common to them all that keeps them going. They prayed, we have prayed. They fasted, we did. They speak in tongues and we do. They serve with their heart, we do yet the older they grow the more fire they emit. And it seems the gap between us is expanding day after day…what is their secret?

They key to contact the ancient fire is consistence. They keep doing what they do at all times. How consistent are you in your prayer and fasting? How consistent are you in pressing into God.

In one of Pastor E.A Adeboye’s testimony, He made up his mind that he doesn’t want to be an ordinary pastor. He prayed every week at the Redemption Camp asking for power. And he said on a faithful day after six months of consistent prayer God answered and there was an earthquake right from the camp down to Ijebu Ode (Ogun State) that night. Yet we said we want the same fire but all we can do is 3 days dry fasting and prayer and except the fire to come.

No sir, you need to be consistent in your fellowship with Him. One day vigil, one day fasting once in awhile won’t do it.. Press and press and keep pressing until you get it.

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