Another very important issue trending now a days is to think that the days of the old generation are over and they are no more relevant and needed gain.

Mr. Young Man, it’s true you have the strength and the vigor but you have not threaded that part before. It’s truth the old generation don’t have the strength as before yet you can’t take away the experience they have gather over time.


In our dear nation, across every sector and sphere the young people are in a rush to push aside the old generation with the excuse that they are not capable of doing things again. And this has led to the old generation to hold on to positions and power with all cost (some are greed anyway).

In politics, the old and young are in war, same in family, same in business world and even in ministry. Especially with the rate of apostles arising from all angle, they shut off the old generation pastors who have been in this field before them. They claimed they have new revelations. They claimed they are here to correct the doctrinal errors of the old generation (some maybe true) but not to criticize every action and teachings, if you are sent to correct, then correct and not criticize.

The truth is the old generation is inadequate and may not be capable to handle some things again because strength and time is failing them. And the bitter truth is that the younger generation is inadequate too and not capable to handle some things because of their youth exuberance.

Beloved, the physical strength may not be there for the old generation but their mind is full of resources that can help you on your quest. It may seem their time is truly over but their vast knowledge about life will always be relevant in our time and beyond.

Hope you remember that it took the old Moses and the young Joshua to win the war. The old Moses was on the mountain handling one part, the young Joshua was on the valley handling one part. The old Moses was at the backend but the young Joshua was at the frontend of action. Yet Joshua never says old man, please resign and give the leadership to me, you are too old to lead us.

The old Moses contribution will be seen as passive in this generation. Most of us will even say what is this man doing on the mountain when he supposes to come down and fight. We will criticize the spiritual strategy of winning war like we do today. Why will he just raise up his hands on that mountain when he supposes to be here?

We criticized the action of our fathers in faith when they call for prayers for the nation. We saw it has been weak and useless. Are we going to eat prayer? It’s time for action and not prayer? Not knowing that prayer itself is a great action on its own.

As a matter of fact for every Samuel there is an Eli, for every Elisha, there is an Elijah and for every Paul and Apollos, there are Aquila and Priscilla. We are meant to complement each other.  Where the old is strong, the young suppose to lean on. Where the old is weak, the young should readily provide a helping hand. This is the order of a winning life.

Who is your Samuel showing you God’s way? Who is the Moses you are understudying? Although they are old but you need them at every point in your life.

Infact the victory the Israelites witnessed that day is in joint contribution from old Moses and young Joshua. Don’t be tempted to discard their wisdom. Don’t be tempted to classify them as irrelevant.

Young man, stop eyeing the position by that old man. Stop the scheming to ouster him. Relax and learn, your time will definitely come.

Drink from the cistern of wisdom and knowledge of the old generation. Don’t rush to push them aside, NO. Don’t scheme to overthrow them. They may not be in active service but they very valuable and needed for your uplifting in life.

Young lady, go back to that old women and drink from her wisdom.

  • It will help you to avoid the mistakes they made.
  • It will guide your steps and affairs in life.
  • It will help you see have in life.
  • It will help you have broad view of life.
  • It will equip you with the necessary things needed to become who you want to become in life.
  • Their experience will be a leader for you to climb on.
  • It will save you from wasting time to comprehend how life works; you will readily have the technical know how in handling some issues.
  • As you drink from their cistern of wisdom, you will be equipped with wisdom in handling matters

Beloved, you have the zeal, the strength but you need the wisdom and experience of the older generation. Go for it.

Thanks for reading this long; we believe this write up is helpful. Please feel free to comment below and share this write up to your friends and family. It can save a brother/sister.

©Oladimeji Olayinka Joseph


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