In the last three letters, we dealt with lessons from the mistakes of the older generation. we also emphasized on the need to emulate the passion the older generations have for God and we ended it with you showing a tangible proof of your faith to the world.

By the grace of God, I want to bring your attention to a more crucial issue trending now a days among the youth of this generation.

The youth age represent strength, even the bible records that the glory of the youth is their strength. The bible emphasized that the strength of the youth may fail, that means the youth is associated with strength.

Dearly beloved, never forget that life is in phases, you were not like this before. You must bear in mind that the reason for your strength, vigor and zeal is because you are in your youthful age; at the phase where strength is at its prime. Sooner or later you will leave this phase or the phase will leave you.

Young Chrisitian, a day will come you will want to jump, run, do as you do before and you will see that there is no strength to do that again; congratulations, you have graduated to the old generation.

  • But now that you have strength, what are you doing with your strength? For personal gain or for God?
  • Now that zeal can burn in you like fire, where will you turn the zeal towards? To serve your personal interest or to serve God’s interest?
  • What will you do with your youthful age? Will you rather use your youthful age to serve and burn for God or you will use it to pursue the things of the world that will one day perish?

No wonder King Solomon admonished the youth in Ecclesiastes 12:1 to remember NOW your CREATOR IN THE DAYS OF YOUR YOUTH, when the evil days have not come. A day will come when all that matters to you now won’t matter. Your quest for success at all cost will fade away.

My dear young Christian, everything you are trying to get now won’t matter again. You won’t find pleasure in the girls you are trying so hard to impress now. Sister, everything will are trying to get now won’t matter again. You are trying so hard to impress the boys now yet one day you will realize how “foolish” that was.

You rather love going to party instead of church service. You rather love clubbing instead of vigils on Friday nights. You rather spend your hard earn money on clothes instead of investing them in books to enrich your mind. You rather gather to gist with friends instead of going for bible study. You rather love to chat with your loved once instead of keeping the night in prayer. Ooh, I won’t forget to notify you also of those times of fasting yet you unrepentantly eat all that comes your way. You will rather buy more clothes and shoe instead of paying your tithe. All these won’t have meaning again when you are old.

You are spending more time on makeup than the bible yet one day you won’t even mind how the face looks again. You are busy wasting away time and energy to keep friends yet one day you will wake up to see that all those you tried to keep are no more to be found and majority of them don’t even worth the stress  yet you could have directed your time, attention and energy for God’s service.


At Old Age

When you are old, no one will give you trophy of bedding the girls most. No one will remember how you rock the town hard with your latest shoe and bags. No one will ever mention you to their children as a source of inspiration of how you love owanbe, clubbing and gist with friends instead of church services. Even you yourself will be ashamed to tell your children how you use to sleep at home, watch movies, watch clothes, and visit friends on Sunday morning.

But everyone including you will always remember that young man who burns with zeal and fire for God in his youthful age. We will all remember and talk about that girl who follows bible teachings to the core. Although they all mean nothing now but they will be a prize on our heart and for the generation to come when we are old.

Another question you should ponder on is this: on your seventy birthday, how will you love to remember your youthful age? As a young man that loved and pursued the Lord or as a young man that pursued vanity?

Keep this in mind as I conclude, a day will come the next generation will refer to us as the old generation. What will they say about you? What will be their reference point about me?

Thanks for reading this long; we believe this write up is helpful. Please feel free to comment below and share this write up to your friends and family. It can save a brother/sister.

©Oladimeji Olayinka Joseph

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