Letter to young Christians (Part 4): Where is Your Passion For God?

Letter to young Christians (Part 4): Where is Your Passion For God?

In the last letter, we saw how costly is the mistake of the old generation of Christians. Leading to what we have now a days (young people now going to church or have any regard for Christ) because some of the old generation failed to produce tangible proof of their faith in God.

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As a matter of fact, believers are the ones that should be the most influential in this world. If we are serving the same God that Abraham, Isaac, Daniel, Joseph, Elisha, Samson, David, Solomon, Elijah, Paul, and Deborah served as we claimed then Christians all over the world are to be envied and not pitied. Because these men were very devoted to their God yet they were so blessed and influential (even in a strange land) to the extent that their prosperity attracted envy from the people near and far.

So we talk about Father Abraham, we are still partakers of his blessings till today or about Isaac that was so blessed to the point that the children of the land envied him, forcefully collecting his wells and chased him away yet he kept on increasing. Oh! How I loved Daniel, who was so diligent that he became a force to reckon with in a strange land, he served in the reign of 3 kings (waoooh).

In the world today we have billionaires who were devoted Christians. Therefore, there is no excuse for anyone not to have a well-lived life irrespective of location and race.

Looking at all great men and women in the scripture, you will see that they all have things in common; they pursue God and the pursue greatness in God.

Pursue God with all your heart

One thing the older generation got right is that they pursued God with all their heart. They did it without reserve. They did it blindly without asking questions. They pursued God with all zeal. You will always see them around the things of God. They gave all their time, attention, strength, skills and little resources for the sake of the gospel. You will see them coming together to build the house of God with no or little expertise: as one is doing the carpentry job, others are learning on the job. You will see how our fathers are carrying sands from the gutter on their head with joy. I can see the smile on ever body face doing the work of building God’s house without any coercing or payment. Oooh, how I wish to see this joy again.

But ask a youth in my generation to do anything for the sake of the gospel, the first thing in his/her mind is what do I stand to gain. Ask them to contribute towards a building project that’s when they will remember the expenses of their lifetime. No wonder we haven’t seen the move of God the way our fathers saw it.

They are sold out to God and God was sold out to Him. If there is one thing to learn from the older generation, it should be this. Where is your passion for God? Oooh, you love God, yes I believe but how do you react when there is a call to give our resources to build the house of God or support mission work?

But you want to be like David a man after God’s heart yet we don’t want to do the work of David (He was busy gathering up resources to build God’s house despite the fact that God told him that he won’t build the house).

You want to be rich and have wisdom like Solomon yet we don’t want to work the work of Solomon (He built God’s temple before building his own house).

We are shout in the church that we are partakers of father Abrahams blessings when in reality only few of us are experiencing it because on those few practiced what father Abraham did (He just risked his life in war yet he first gave tithe before he even divide the remain to his men)

We are crying to carry the grace upon Pastor Adeboye (The General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God) yet we failed to follow his path (he and his wife was the only one that complied when the founded of RCCG Pa Akindayomi asked everybody to close their bank accounts and bring the money to the church for church building project). What about Bishop David Oyedepo (President of Living Faith Church), I learnt that even till date, he never collect any royalty on his books, all proceeds goes to the mission…chai.

How many of us can walk and follow this path yet we want what they have. Don’t be deceived you can’t covet their blessings, without engaging in the acts they engaged in.   It’s as if I can hear Joseph, Daniel and David shouting on top of their voice to this generation to pursue God with all their heart.

Your relationship with God cannot be on part-time basis because God is not working part-time concerning your life. If you agree God is working full time all around the clock to ensure you have a well lived life then you should also do whatever that will cost you to have a full time relationship with God.

God is not a tenant in your life or a visitor in your life that you can allocate a single room to stay. He is the owner and Lord of your life. God want to fill all of you. He doesn’t want some of your life but all of your life and he won’t force you to release it, you must release it willingly.

Let this be settled in your heart:

  1. Everything and anything won’t last forever except God. Be it fame, wealth, success in career, marriage and family, all of this won’t be with you forever except God. Why then will you compromise your relationship with God for what will not last forever? Everything whatsoever on this planet earth has an expiration date only God never expires.
  2. Everything or anything on earth will one day leave you or you leave them. The wealth you are seeking so badly can leave you one day, the friends you are keeping so badly can leave you one day and even if they don’t leave you, you will surely leave then one day when dead comes. But God will remain with you, if you chose Him. And even when you chose to leave Him, He will still patiently wait for you to come back in as much as it’s not too late.
  3. Everything you pursue outside God will pursue you back to God one day. Now you are busy to give Jesus all of yourself but I tell a time will come when the Jesus you don’t have time for, the prayer meetings you are too busy to attend will be your object of pursue at all cost. At this point, the wealth, success, friends and career you desperately seek instead of God will not matter. In fact you will be willing to give up all you have just to  have access to Christ.

Will you wait for this time or you will pursue Him now? Will you rather wait for the time of trouble like king Nebuchadnezzar, who refused to acknowledged God because of the prosperity of his kingdom but was forced to when he had to become an animal for seven years? Or you will be like Herod who refused to acknowledge God and even blasphemed The Holy One like some of you do and maggot ate him up even while giving a speech?

It’s so funny that we tends to move away from God because we didn’t feel it’s important and we run after the things that matters to this life but at the end of the day, life itself knows how to pursue us back to God.

God is calling on you to return back to Him with all your heart. Ecclesiastes 12:1 put it right “Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not nor the years draw nigh when thou shalt say I have no pleasure in them”

  • Seek Him with all your heart: until you are desperate in the way you seek Him, You can’t find Him.
  • Love Him with all your heart: we are to love Him with all of our mind, soul and spirit.
  • Acknowledge Him in all your do: give Him a prominent place in your life.
  • Make the bible the best companion: The most guarantee way to know God is through His word.
  • Don’t neglect the fellowship of the brethren: never fall into the trap that church doesn’t help anyone. Never fall into the trap that you can serve God alone with any ones help. God is not a lone ranger. There is a reason he called the 12 apostles. You need a church and a pastor over your life
  • Support kingdom work and projects: see this as an opportunity to prove that you a son in the kingdom. No son will open his eyes and see his father’s work in desolation.

If you really want to be heavenly relevant and earthly relevant you need to have the passion like that of our fathers. You must be FULL SOLD OUT and not one leg in the Lord, one leg in the world.

In the next article we will evaluate how the older generation seeks God with all their heart and yet they took their life by their hand and shape it out to be a wonder for us. This is where many of us is missing it. We love God but we fail in this part.

Thanks for reading this long; we believe this write up is helpful. Please feel free to comment below and share this write up to your friends and family. It can save a brother/sister.

©Oladimeji Olayinka Joseph


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