LETTER TO YOUNG CHRISTIANS (PART 3): Learn From The Mistake Of The Old Generation

Letter To Young Christians: Mistake of the Old Generation.

To the young Christians of this generation and the ones to come and to all the saints in the body of Christ whether protestant, orthodox and Pentecostal.

Grace be to you and peace from God our Father, from the Lord Jesus Christ the Captain of our salvation and from the Holy Spirit the seal of our salvation.

Blessed be the Lord who deemed it fit to bring you to the household of faith among the multitude and has given you the grace to continue to walk in the path laid down by our fathers in faith.

For this cause, I write to you to clearly point out

There were mistakes some of the older generation folks made that we really need to learn from, avoid and correct so that we won’t fall into the same pitfall. Failure to do this, will lead to a frustrated Christian life as we can see in some of the older generation. Failure to do this can make the unbelievers mock our faith in God and it can give room to questions we won’t be able to answer by our yet unborn children.

You will notice that larger percentage of the youth are not serving God or attending church as they should. While most of them are from Christian homes (either a committed member children, or a committed worker, minister and even the pastor) who have been around the Christendom right from birth yet as they grow up they couldn’t trace the reality of their parents faith in their life. They couldn’t lay hand on tangible result of their parents’ walk with God and this has given the devil free window to cloud their heart with vanities, unbelief against the God of their parent, hatred for anything called church and making God a liar.

With the rate of youth roaming the street searching for vanities of this world outside of God, if care is not taking and desperate measures put in place then what will happen to the next generation and the ones to come. But we know that our God is able and the church of God will always prevail and that’s why this letter is coming to you.

This is a clarion call to you.

Now that you are still young, you have a part to play to show these set of young people that the God of our fathers is still very faithful. There is a responsibility hanging on my neck and your neck to be a mirror and a definition of true Christian to the youth of this generation and the ones to come (to prove to them that you can have a well lived and fulfilled life even in God). We have a responsibility to show that the God of our fathers is not a liar as devil is trying to paint it.

Can you honestly ask yourself, if the young ones are looking at your life right now will they be motivated to serve God with their life? Can they say your lifestyle is a true model of Christianity? With the way you are handling your walk with God, will you have enough scars and proofs that will answer all the questions of your unborn children? Or will your children also be like these set of youth when they grow up because you fail to show them proof of your faith?

Beloved, God is expecting much from us. We are to stand tall in this generation of darkness. We are called to be a city upon the hill that cannot be hidden. We are called to be a salt in this world. We are called to be a light in this world.

Young lady, where is your salt? Young man, where is your light? This is the time we need them most. We are in the time of darkness. Devil is doing everything possible to distract the youth from serving God. Mark those who critics our fathers of faith, they are young people who are gain fully employed by the devil (unknowing to some of them) to do this in other for him to destabilized the body of Christ and to make sure no youth will tread the path laid by our fathers. The more the criticism, the more doubt and distraction for the young people, this is why you are needed. Arise to the call!

How did we get here?

There are four types of people in the Christendom:

  • Those who didn’t pursue God with all their heart and are not earthly relevant
  • Those who didn’t pursue God with all their heart and are earthly relevant
  • Those who pursued God with all their heart and are earthly relevant
  • And those who pursued God with all their heart and are not earthly relevant.

Out of the four, the first may seems to be the worse category of people in the Christendom but the last was the worse. At least the first didn’t purse God with their heart but what of those who pursued God with all their heart and yet they are still earthly irrelevant. This is the cause of the problem we are facing that has given the devil the window to mock our God and to preach another gospel to our young people.

How can you say, you are serving the God of the universe and yet suffer in the universe He created, that’s an irony. Have you ever wondered why in the older generation, we have some faithful Christians who loved God with all their heart but they wallow in poverty or have just little to care for daily bread?

When I was growing up I saw some heart breaking situations that happened to those who I knew feared and loved God with all their heart. They never missed any church services, they support the kingdoms’ cause with the little they have, they lived a righteous life yet they are not relevant in this world not even in the community.

Unfortunately this trend is taking its toll among the young Christians in this generation. We have able young guys and ladies who are committed to the cause of the kingdom to the teeth. They are devoted and God’s lover yet it’s as if the heaven want to come down. There is nothing significant about their life. No good job they can lay hand upon.

Is the God of our fathers that wicked? Is this the same God that others who hacve proofs are serving or they add something to it? Must we really suffer as a Christian all the time? Is the God that our fathers believed in can prosper us?

But I have this to tell you, the God that our fathers in faith served is an able God and He is not just the God of our fathers but our God and the God of all the generations even yet to come and beyond the end of this world.

Beloved, the fault is not from God but from us. God is ever faithful to lie and to watch us suffer but most times we are the architect of our suffering (not even the devil). Thanks to Him for given us men in the faith to show that He delight in our pleasure and my life is also a proof that God is faithful and He cares for us.

As a matter of fact, believers are the ones that should be the most influential in this world. Let the change begin with you. Which one will you be: A Christian who is heavenly relevant yet earthly irrelevant or a Christian who is heavenly relevant and yet earthly relevant?

In the next part of the letter to the young Christians we will look at the causes and the way out. But be sure to cross check your life, what are the people around you perceiving our God to be through your life?

Thanks for reading this long; we believe this write up is helpful. Please feel free to comment below and share this write up to your friends and family. It can save a brother/sister.

There is a beginning to every end.

©Oladimeji Olayinka Joseph

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