Grace and Peace from the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ to you all. This letter is written to all young Christians all over the world, it is a call to wake up and trend the ancient path that our fathers have laid.

By the grace of God, some of us are in a Church where everything we need to know about Christ and to prepare us to meet Him when we die or in the Rapture is preached.

In the body of Christ, all over the world God has given us Faithful Leaders who always keep the truth undiluted no matter how dangerous it appears. Where holiness is our watchword and song.

Our fathers have …”earnestly contended for the faith and kept the Faith which was once delivered unto the saints”. Now their generation is gradually fading out. Most of them are in their sixties, seventies and eighties already. May the God of Heaven keep them till the end so they will see the fruits of their labour and have rest for their souls in Jesus name. Amen.


Now my brethren in Christ, what are we doing to keep the Faith?

Are we also going to handle it the way the some “orthodox” is now doing it? Go and search the history of some “orthodox churches” and you will understand me. A church of holiness and purity as foundation but today what do we see?

Beloved, go and ask about the foundation of many Pentecostal churches and compare it to their present state. How they loved holiness, how they preached it, and how they lived it. Today it’s no more.

Ask yourself what happen to America and United Kingdom. Wind of revival started from these lands, they are devoted, and they built their countries on God. They house the great revivalists and evangelists of this world. But where are they today? Is this the same country people like Katherine Kulman, Smith Wigglesworth, John G. Lake, Kenneth Kagin and other great men of God ministered? Church building are now brothels and bar palour..aaah. Where use to be the house of prayer is now the house for immorality; God have mercy.

Aaaah, how are the mighty fallen? Where did they have it wrong? Should we watch till our nations are like these?


Young generals of God wake up! Let’s go back to the old path and walk therein. Let’s arise and change this generation. Modernization is a beast the devil is using to fight against the standard of God in the church today.

Sister wake up, go and ask the great mothers of the church how they dress. Gradually, worldliness is entering the Church. God have mercy, there is no clear line, no clear difference between those who are Christians (Christ-like) and the unbelievers. Some of us even have to announce that we are Christians before those around us will know. Now adays if a group of people gather and you are asked to pick out those who are Christians, it will be hard to correctly pick them.

Where did we get it wrong?

I will tell you: It’s the preacher, the devil through some so call “men of God”. They taught us that God looks at your heart and not your appearance. They taught us that what we put on doesn’t matter to God, just be right in your heart. They taught us that no matter what we do doesn’t count, Christ has paid it all. But they forgot to teach us that whoever you are inside will reflect to the way you are outside. They forget to teach us that we have the nature of God on the inside and the nature of God cannot produce careless behavior to stumble someone else. They forgot to teach us that we are the temple of God and temples are to be sacred, kept, reverenced and holy. They teach heresies to the body of Christ. But I refuse to be a fool to their teachings.

I know some of you also believe your appearance doesn’t matter. But I have a question for you, can will you spot a rotten, ripe and unripe orange? Do you have to open it before you find out? In those days how do you think our parent spotted an uncultured spouse their children introduced to them? Don’t deceive yourself your appearance tell us much about you.

I have another question for you….how will you rate the current work force of your church when they are in church and outside the church? How will you rate their behavior and appearance? Some of us are not even proud to say I know them…something must be wrong this is not the way our fathers handover the baton of faith to us.

Have you noticed that our boys are now wearing tight trousers, hanging trousers. Yet they say they are Choristers, coordinators and workers…they fade part of their hairs but are not ashamed, yet they say they are ministering to people to be saved. They wear any kind of dress and are not convicted but still call themselves choristers, ushers and coordinators! Many of our pulpits are filled with indiscipline people all in the name of grace and modernization.

The ladies today wear tight dresses, short dresses etc. They complain. They gossip, some are living in fornication, hatred one towards another, bitterness against one another, malice one towards another, with all this hypocrisy they still say they are choristers, orchestra, ushers, prayer warriors, youth leaders, coordinators, etc they still say they are saved, they still say they are sanctified, and filled with the Holy Spirit. Anger, lust, hatred , lack of self control, backbiting, unforgiveness and so on…sit deep in their heart and we give ourselves excuses that it is our temperament and that we can’t help it.

Can you please ask yourself, who are those who patronizes night clubs, bar parlors, open dress? Aaaaah…you will be shocked to know that 80% of them are our so called church members and church workers. Some of them even go to club on Saturday night and come to lift up holy hands on Sunday morning.

Where is the work of Christ, where is the work of Calvary, where is the work of the Cross, where is the fruit of the spirit and where is grace?

The young Christians of today are more interested in marriage than holiness. No wonder the pairings. No wonder little show of genuine Christian love turns a sister or brother into a dreamland thinking that she or he has seen his or her God’s will. No prayer. No conviction and no witness of the divine spirit of God…. Can you now see why there is high rate of divorce among Christians even among pastors?

Brethren are lacking material things, and yet in the same fellowship some have so much to last them for weeks. Where is the love practiced by the apostles in the scripture? Selfishness has taking over the church

While the brethren are yearning for spiritual food, workers are fighting over positions, respect, offence and other trivial things. And souls are dying! Instead of fighting the devil and saving men from his grip we are fighting ourselves.

Where is genuine quiet time, where is morning cry, where is one-on-one personal evangelism, bus evangelism, tracks evangelism, internet evangelism and others? Where have they all gone to? Coldness everywhere now.

When was the last time you engage yourself in all these things? Yet these are what our fathers in the faith use to do. These are the tools that brought them to where they are. These are the tools that were used to propagate and expand the kingdom of God.

When was the last time you prayed for at least 20 minutes on your own! Where did we lose it! Alas we are neither cold nor hot. That divine nature, do we still have it yet? That softness of heart and brokenness that drive genuine believers to their knee upon any expression of weak and fallen nature! Yet we want to be like them. Yet we want to be anointing and work in the supernatural like them. No wonder, we have not experience what they experience. No wonder the move of the Spirit in their time was so mighty yet we can only see little of it….aaaaah, are we going to hold our hands and watch things fade away or are we going to stand and contend for our faith?


Wake up brother!!!!!  Wake up Sister!!!!! Wake up God’s General!!!!

Time is running out souls are perishing. Live the life we are being called and taught, let’s rise up and change our world. No matter what the devil is doing, no matter the pollution in the body of Christian, I know there are remnants. Men that have not bow down to Baal. Women that have not pollute the Christian walk.

Ooh! We will arise and defend the faith that was delivered to us. We will take the gospel to the enemy’s gate. We will not compromise our stand in holiness. We will not bow down to modernization.

Behold the coming of the Lord is at hand. What have you done for Christ? Have you ever thought of making your RESTITUTIONS?  How many souls have you won for the Lord?

Let us arise as a Mighty Army of the Lord and transform our generation with Christ.

Note: Failure to do this will result in the possibility of going to hell ourselves.


Think about this:

How much of your time do you spend in:

  • Reading the word of God daily
  • Meditating upon the word of God daily
  • Preaching the word of God daily
  • Praying according to the word of God daily etc.


Hmmmmmnnn…… May God have mercy upon us, so we will repent and walk in the old path in Jesus’ name.


Before you do another thing please go on your knee and ask for forgiveness from the Lord, ask Him to help you to live a deeper Christian life as ought to live. Spend at least 20  ]minutes with the Lord before doing any other thing.

If we turn to God, He will also turn to us. But when we forsake Him, He will also forsake us.


Please make sure you share this with any Christian youth that you know.

Reproduced and Edited by Oladimeji Olayinka Joseph

Original document Author: Anonymous.


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