LETTER TO THE YOUNG CHRISTIANS (PART 5): Let The World See The Tangible Proof Of Your Faith

LETTER TO THE YOUNG CHRISTIANS (PART 5): Let The World See The Tangible Proof Of Your Faith

In the part 3 of LETTER TO THE YOUNG CHRISTIANS, we said there are four types of people in the Christendom:

  • Those who didn’t pursue God with all their heart and are not earthly relevant
  • Those who didn’t pursue God with all their heart and are earthly relevant
  • Those who pursued God with all their heart and are earthly relevant
  • And those who pursued God with all their heart and are not earthly relevant.

Out of the four, the first may seems to be the worse category of people in the Christendom but the last was the worse. At least the first didn’t purse God with their heart but what of those who pursued God with all their heart and yet they are still earthly irrelevant. This is the cause of the problem we are facing that has given the devil the window to mock our God and to preach another gospel to our young people.

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In part 4, we are able to see how; believers are the ones that should be the most influential in this world. If we are serving the same God that Abraham, Isaac, Daniel, Joseph, Elisha, Samson, David, Solomon, Elijah, Paul, and Deborah served as we claimed then Christians all over the world are to be envied and not pitied. Because these men were very devoted to their God yet they were so blessed and influential (even in a strange land) to the extent that there prosperity attracted envy from the people near and far.

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It was noted that they pursued God and the pursued greatness in God. In this last part we will focus on Pursuit of greatness in God. This is one very costly mistake of the older generation of Christianity, only few of them actually pursued greatness. That is why it seems majority of them didn’t rise about average.

Many of them thought that there is nothing more than to be in Christ and be around the things of God. But I have found out that you maybe a faithful Christian yet live a miserable.

Why is it so?

This is majorly as the result of our inadequate knowledge of how God works. We failed to understand God’s arrangement for this world. Everything God created has the capacity to reproduce in as much as they follow certain principles.

The world is governed by God with the mechanism of principles. There are principles that govern everything that works well. The scripture says there shall be seed time and harvest yet the same scripture says some seeds will not germinate due to some factors and there will even be variation of harvest even on a good land.

The fact that you are a Christian doesn’t guarantee automatic success in life. You must fulfill two conditions for you to experience greatness in life as a Christian: Be in Christ and follow Christ principles.

Majority of us are in Christ but only a few follow Christ principles (biblical teachings). There are two way to be great and be successful in life, either you are great without Christ (through devilish means) or you pursue greatness in Christ.

Accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and savior is not all that is in life.  It will without doubt guarantee access to God and heaven at last but if care is not taking you may have a miserable life because you failed to follow the principle that governs greatness and success.

NOTE: either you are a Christian or not, your ability to master and apply the principles that govern greatness and success will open the door to that. The principle works for everybody the same way God pour down rain upon both believers and sinners.

Get it right.

Young believers, if there is one thing you must get it; let it be about your purpose. Your fulfillment in life is tied to this. Your entitlement in life is tied to your purpose.

Apart from giving your life to Jesus, one major decision that MUST follow is to be determined to discover your purpose and pursue it.

You must honestly ask yourself and seek answer to the one question every serious being on earth is asking: why am I here? Why am I created? What is my purpose in this world?

You will agree with me that everything God created has their purpose; both living and non-living things, then yours can’t be exemption. You are not created to just fill up the space of the earth. You are created for a purpose.

Everything God created is one way or the other contributing to the betterment of this world, the same way your purpose is to contribute to the betterment of this world; to make a world a better place for others to live in.

You can pursue any career of your choice and be successful in it but you may not be fulfilled and satisfied if it is not your area of purpose.

Don’t just be a Christian that pursued God but be a Christian that also pursue purpose. Your settlement in life is tied to this. The proof of serving God is tied to this; not just supernatural exploit but also physical exploit.

Your supernatural exploits is tied to you be in Christ while you physical exploits is tied to your purpose. What is the use of the anointing you claimed to carry when you don’t have something tangible you are doing with your life (Even full time ministers have something tangible to show).

You claimed you are blessing people spiritually; very good but if you are not able to bless them physically also the same people will ask you of your proof in serving God.  Even the Lord Jesus blessed the people both ways.

You have an obligation to show the world the tangible proof of your faith in God. Don’t just Claim Jesus is sweet to serve, let them see it. Don’t just tell us your God is faithful, show us the faithfulness of God in your life. The people of the world especially the younger generation are not ready to listen to what God has done in your life talkless of the bible, they what to see what He has done in your life even before you talk about it.

The bible has 66 canonized books from both the old and the new testament, yet i say there is the 67th one. Your tangible proof of faith in God is the new epistle your generation are eager to see. What will you have to show for it?

Brace up

I know you have been around the things of God for long and have done all you could for your life to make sense yet no visible change.

I also know that people around you may be mocking you because there is no tangible proof of your service to God. They have been mocking you for attending every church services and programmes. They have been mocking your resolution never to compromise your faith in God. They have been mocking those times you isolate yourself just to pray to God. But I have this to tell you; your father that sees in the secret will reward you openly and God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

If you serve God for real, God will pay you handsomely. You can’t serve God and end in shame, just hold on to God, keep serving Him, keep working diligently on yourself and on your purpose, the time of manifestation is around the corner.

Never be tempted to pursue success and greatest outside God (this is one of the challenges of this generation). His time maybe slow to us but God’s time is the best and right time.

You must stand your ground and prove to the devil and the world that there is a guy/lady who will pursue God and also pursue purpose. Let your life be a testimonial that its possible for a Christian to be heavenly relevant and still be earthly relevant

Dearly beloved, you are a product of God’s thought. There is a reason why God brought you to this earth. Don’t make the mistake by neglecting it and pursuing what you desire. The discovery of that purpose is the beginning of life to you because you are not living but mere existing until you discover your purpose. Discover your purpose, pursue it and see God lift you up and make you a shocker to your mockers.

Thanks for reading this long; we believe this write up is helpful. Please feel free to comment below and share this write up to your friends and family. It can save a brother/sister.

©Oladimeji Olayinka Joseph

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