Many at times we hear that statement above…Sometimes I hear people also say “I never wanted to cheat but the pressure got too much…” “she kept chatting me up at weird hours”…”He kept coming to my room with gifts and stuff”…”she use to tell me she likes guys like me”…”He said God told him I’m supposed to end my relationship and marry him instead”…”she said she has never felt like this with any other man”..

Give yourself a break and be responsible for once! Must you blame everything on someone else?…tell me, when last did you agree a misdeed was your fault?…ehn?…and u say u want to marry abi?…
Please pardon my aggression, I’ve heard too much of lame excuses in recent times…
See in life, temptations will never cease!
Only those with a sense of responsibility and self control will triumph.
Open your heart and admit it, start being responsible from here and right now…self control will gradually come by the renewing of your mind.
Admit it…you enjoyed her chats at the middle of the night though you never intended to get carried away…but be responsible, You gave room for inappropriate and temporal exuberance… Now that’s your fault!
He choked you with mouth watering gifts per week, gifts your present boyfriend cannot afford in a year…Admit it! You enjoyed the VIP treats and care…You felt like a queen…and wished to stay so…You began to compare the prospects: your long time faithful fiance and your new rich admirer. Admit it!…before you got swayed, you lusted after the wealth and immediate comfort of your admirer. 
This had been since the days of Eve…  There’s always something that looks better and gratifying to our immediate desires. Even the most chaste of women can be swayed by comfort if she doesn’t reaffirm her stand. It’s like sexual matters and men…the most godly man will fall if he stays ignorant of sexual temptations and deception.
You must learn to educate your ignorance, temptations will never cease…would you then blame others forever?
Did she pull down your trousers or you did yourself? You used protection didn’t you? How come you had one?…and you want us to believe it was not deliberate?.
Admit it! You have not been walking in the spirit but rather have been nursing the possibilities of a romantic sex. Gal. 5:16

When he asked “do u mind?“…why did you stylishly and greedily smile and say “if you insist…“?

Don’t you have a WILL of your own?…couldn’t you say “No.. I’m content!“?
Titus 2:12 Says the grace of God teaches us to say “No” to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age.

Am I then writing to condemn you?
No! God forbid!…I have no boast in the workings of the flesh.

I’m only leading you on to responsibility…Admit your flaw and be set free…learn from them and be made wise.

A friend of mine used to say “if you defeat me once then shame on you, but if twice then shame on me.”
This simply means he had discovered that the continous victory of an enemy lies in ones inability to learn and discover his strategy.
The devil’s grasp over you is often from the angle of guilt…
Admit your sinful ways and receive the full workings of grace…it is the only beginning of true change.

Grace surely goes beyond forgiveness…it is the LEADING of a new life. However, it’s inception still remains at the point of conversion…that very point you admit you need help. 

For one cannot help a man who has refused to acknowledge he needs help, he’s like a fool that repeats his folly yet supposedly smart in his own eyes (prov.26:11-12).
The frequency of your errors is in the degree of your ignorance…why not educate your ignorance and be wiser…Wisdom still cries out at the public square.(prov. 1:20)

It WAS your fault you didn’t learn to walk in the spirit and embrace contentment.

It IS however your responsibility to make amendments.

Thanks for reading this long; we believe this write up is helpful. Please feel free to comment below and share this write up to your friends and family. It can save a brother/sister.


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