When it comes to the matter of our spiritual growth, the real problem is not the devil, the major problem of many believers especially young Christians that has kept many at one spot spiritual and denying them to experience, explore and enjoy their new identity in Christ is that which is locked away deep down the soul. I called it the hidden SIN.

It is the most dangerous cancer (Spiritual) in the entire world because there is no medical equipment that can detect it yet it has the power to wreck havoc in the life of a believer. If you don’t deal with it now, it has a programmed timer to deal with you till the end of life.

As power as a believer should be, the hidden sin can bring a strong believer to his/her kneels. It can afflict, harass and molest a believer. Ask Samson, he will tell you that the lust locked away in his heart is so potent that it wrecked his life.

Ooh! How unfortunate to see a strong believer, who has won many souls for Christ and yet be a slave to the hidden sin. I have read and heard of “men of God” who pastured some of the biggest churches all over the world back down from ministry and confessed to how they have been struggling with this hidden sin for years (some 15 years and some 20 years in ministry).

Beloved, never think because you were been used by God, you have break free from the hidden sin, NO sir.  One thing I have come to know about the devil is that he is in no rush to hunt you down. If you don’t deal with that hidden sin locked deep down your heart now, God forbid after some years of been a Christian it bow your head.

I heard of a late healing evangelist in America, who was mightily used by God. In fact history has it that some of the demonstration and move of the Spirit experienced in his ministry is too hard for the heart to believe. A great unction was upon him yet was under the bondage of the slave master. After every ministration, he will always go down to a brothel to satisfy the lust of his heart.

We are dealing with something that nobody will know is there and yet it’s hard for you to say. I have seen many men behind the pulpit who is a sex addict and he is struggling even with masturbation but no one knows.

She blast in tongues like a machine gun, brutal in prayer meetings but dying deep down because she’s struggling with lust yet no one knows

I have heard of some ladies that right from the presence of God after leading the people into worship she will always go and commit fornication.

I have heard and seen men and women that were burning for God. Their tongues were deep and brutal on the microphone, everyone hailed their gifts but no one knew they were struggling with sexual addiction and all sort.

The beautiful damsel on the microphone watch pornography every night to satisfy her lust she wishes to stop, sadly she can’t break free. Many are called ‘papa’ and ‘mama’ in the fellowship, they were icon to look forward to but their head is bowed in the spirit realm because of hidden sin.

She hates it, he hates it but they just can’t stop and no one knows that they have sore underneath their garments, they look good on the outside. They were on fire on Sunday and every gathering. They lift up holy hands. They were pure on Sunday but impure doing the week but no one knows.

Ooh! Who will help this generation? Who will save us from this beast? Men are dying, women are struggling, soldiers of the cross are been wounded because of the hidden sin.

I know majority are tired of this while some are still covering up with their activities in church but when will it last brother? When will all this covering up last sister? Will you wait for the hidden sin to deal with you before you take action?

So many dramas in church and on social media, everyone is preaching, everyone is trying to show they are gifted but of a truth, almost all of them needed help from the hidden sin.

Listen sir, I had passed through this journey before, I know the way you felt. I was been used by God and yet an instrument to the flesh until I said enough is enough. I faced my fears, I disregarded the reputations and open up my heart before the King of glory like prophet Isaiah. He helped me, I’m no longer a slave to the hidden sin but a champion with a scar.

Are you fed up with rising today and falling tomorrow? Are you fed up with being molested by the devil every time? Are you fed up of those hidden activities when no one was there? It’s time to break lose; it’s time to declare to the devil that you are no longer interested in the pleasure of the flesh. It’s time to seek God’s help.

Let deal with this once and for all….i suggested you go for 3 days fasting and prayer. Even if you cannot fast because of your health, make sure you pray.

You can break your fast anytime you want or do dry fasting for the three days. you are free to decide the duration depending on the result you want to get (or you may not fast due to your strenuous work or schedule). but make sure you pray out your heart to God

Let this be your prayer point

  • Thank God because the hidden sin has not claimed your life. You are still alive to rectify this. Many are dead in their struggling with sin.
  • Thank God for His mercies all the while you are falling and rising. Thank Him for not giving up on you.
  • Let Him know you still need His mercy more than before. Ask for His mercy
  • Surrender yourself to Him including your weakness and ungodly heart desires.
  • Tell Him to give you the grace to yield yourself to Him as instrument of righteous
  • Open up yourself to God. Tell him how and what molestation devil is doing. Be unashamed before Him.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to help you. Tell Him how powerless you have been in this struggle.
  • Resist and break free from every demon that is in-charge of the ungodly act. Dethrone them in your life
  • Mention the area devil is hammering to bring you down and ask for the grace to over them.


NOTE: for those who have not yet master long hours can pray each one point for 10 minutes, that will give you 1:30 hour/per day. But if you truly do the pray with all your heart, I know it will take you more than 3 hours.


Part 2 on the way…

Thanks for reading this long; we believe this write up is helpful. Please feel free to comment below and share this write up to your friends and family. It can save a brother/sister.

©Oladimeji Olayinka Joseph


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