So many young man and woman are struggling and dying inside. So many excos of fellowships (youth leaders, youth pastors, workers) dying of masturbation, sexual lust, pornography BUT they can’t open up. The fear of what will the people says; the fear the unknown after they confined in somebody, their reputation and ego is on the line.

In my little time in ministry, I have seen that a lot of young people are tired of this beast. They are tired of struggling with hidden sin. They are tired of being under the bondage of this task master. They want to break free. They have tried all that was taught in church yet it’s not working.


You can testify to it that two weeks to a month maximum you are back under the slave of hidden sin. And this makes it looks like holiness is a big deal and not attainable. As a matter of fact this struggling with hidden sin has made many to give up on living a holy life. Also, it will paint a picture that everybody is doing it too, everybody is struggling with hidden sin. NO sir, many people have conquered the beast. Many people are enjoying dominion over sin. They are experiencing holiness without stress and you can also enjoy it.

Anytime you think holiness is hard to attain by all, also remember that Christ died on the cross for this. His death opens the door to a nature that cannot sin. Except Christ died in vain? Or the scripture lied? God forbid.

1 john 3:9 “Whoever has been begotten of God does not practise sin, because his seed abides in him, and he cannot sin, because he has been begotten of God.”


Take Action

  • Expose what is hidden deep down your heart: I know its hard doing this. The fear of what will people say. The fear of how will the pastor, that leader, that man and woman see me. What if she/he turns my case to a preaching point or a discussion in church? Yes you were right, I have seen cases where trusted fellows mismanaged the information given yet I have seen and know many trusted fellow in the body of Christ that will treat your information with maximum discreet. Look for a trusted fellow around you. It not necessary to be your pastor but make sure is a matured Christian (not by age or attendance but in Christ).

You need to expose what is hidden so that what is hidden will not expose you one day.

  • Yield yourself to God: no matter the rules and regulations you set for yourself, they are not capable of dealing with the hidden sin. Boundaries, rules and regulations are good but if you depend on them solely then that amount to being religious. And religion can’t help you because there is no life in it. You need to yield yourself over to the Holy Spirit. Only Him can locate the root of the hidden sin and deal with it. Only Him has the nature that cannot sin and when you yield yourself to Him, He will release this nature in you.
  • Cry to God for help: beloved, if any preacher tells you that you don’t need to tell God about your sin, that is a deceit from the pity of hell. You must as a matter of fact show the fruit that you need Him the same way prophet Isaiah did, when saw the vision of heaven, he became aware of the hidden sin and he cried for help. Talk to God about it, tell him what you are struggling with and ask Him to help.
  • Learn to say NO to yourself: the hidden sin thrive on the strength of your desires and appetite. Temptation is only 10% of the devil and 90% of our heart desires. When you are tempted, you are only drawn away to what your heart desires. For example, if you don’t have anything with alcoholic drink, no matter the temptation it can’t pull you down. But if lust after women is in your heart, you are in trouble anything a woman pass. Learn to say no to yourself in moment like this.

Everyone knows the area the devil is using to afflict and molested them. Develop a resistance in this area. Keep the gate of your heart and learn to say no to what appeals to you. For example when the devil want to get you to masturbate; he will flash into your heart the pleasure you used to derive from it. At this point is the time to say NO, I don’t want. Failure to say NO and form resistance, the hidden sin will overtake you. Never forget, it always starts from the heart.

Most times we tends to focus on the person and the location that draw us to sin and not looking inward to see that there is a nature of sin in us. We tends to cut away from the person and avoid the place (very good) but in few times we do see ourselves in the same shoe again and this time around it may not be with the person or location but difference person and place entirely. What is the problem: The problem is not just about the person and location but you. Until you learn to say NO to yourself, you won’t have the ability to say no to others.

  • Whenever you noticed your heart is filled with all matters of thought in line with lustful desires. This is the best time to do nothing else but engage in spiritual activities. Don’t wait till you get home or you have a free window at work because devil will not give you a free window till he get you to commit that you don’t wish to. No matter how busy, you can pray silently within your help. I have found myself talking to the Lord in situations like this. “Lord help me, if you don’t come to my aid right away, I will fall for this.”, this has been my prayer. There is nothing to keep or be formal. Do you want to form for God? Tell Him the way you feel and how badly you need Him at the moment. Unless God help you, no one including yourself can help you.

The victory over hidden sin is attainable. Don’t relent on your strength alone but focus on the grace supply by the death of Jesus Christ. Don’t fight and struggle alone allow the Holy Spirit to help you out. I see you enjoy dominion over the hidden sin soon in Jesus name.

Thanks for reading this long; we believe this write up is helpful. Please feel free to comment below and share this write up to your friends and family. It can save a brother/sister.

©Oladimeji Olayinka Joseph


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