Have you ever wondered if what you just heard in your head is the Holy Spirit or it is just your thought?

Most times, you heard people say ’something tells me to do this’ which can turnout to a positive end but what about those times that the ‘something’ tells you to do something and the outcome wasn’t favorable?

There are times you will think God is directing you to do something or in a particularly way but after awhile you will see it’s not God. Of a truth, it can be difficult at times to discern between God’s voice and your voice.


How can you then tell the difference between the voice of God and your thoughts?

First, let reestablished  that God do speak and He do speak to His children but one of the reason why we don’t get to discern is that we except Him to speak in a certain way and understanding how the Holy spirit speaks is the key to discernment.

There are numerous ways God have spoken in the scripture and He can choose any to speak to you but for the sake of the subject matter, I will discuss only 3 ways to help you discern if it’s God’s voice or your thoughts….. click to continue reading

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