One of the tragedies that this generation of Christian has been experiencing is that we are fast losing our passion for God and lukewarmness has become a beast that everyone is looking to tame and conqueror.

You see a Christian today who was burning with passion for God and tomorrow, you asking yourself is this not the same person. It has become so easy for a Christian to lose their fire for God. So easy that someone who was burning for God becomes gradually cold and if care is not taking the person will be dead spiritually.

Men are fast losing their prayer altar. And the most unfortunate now is that the desire for bible study is almost in extinction in this generation.

Unfortunately, when you gather ten believers, you will be shocked to realize that eight of them are struggling with their walk with God. And almost everyone is asking ‘how can I revive my prayer life again? How can I return back to the Christian lifestyle I used to know? What can I do to reignite my prayer altar? What can I do to keep the fire burning?

If you are one of those asking such questions, the good news is that it’s possible; yes, very possible to have an effective prayer life again and return to loving the Lord even more than you used to…. click here to continue readingHOW TO DEAL WITH LUKEWARMNESS AND STAY ON FIRE FOR GOD

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