Download YMR (Young Ministers Retreats) 2021 Messages


YMR (Young Ministers Retreat) is a platform where God raises and set young people on fire. YMR is led by God’s servant Pastor Daniel Olawande of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

The YMR 2021 edition, titled ‘Weapon of War,’ was a powerful one, and you can download the messages from it by clicking on the link below.

you can also download  All WAFBEC 2022 Meassages

YMR Young Ministers Retreats Messages 2021

1. Weapons For a Victorious Marriage – Pastor Jane Arowolo
Download HERE

2. Weapons For a Victorious Marriage – Pastor Jane Arowolo [27MB] Download Now

3. The-Spirituality-of-Weapons of War – Rev Samson Ajetomobi [27MB]
Download Now

4. WAR-LESSONS – Pst Bisi Akande [17MB]
Download Now

5. The-Efficacy-of-Gods-Power – Pst Joel Oke [29MB]
Download Now

6. Finance-Clinic – Pst Ejimi Adegbeye [18MB]
 Download Now

7. Where-Did-I-Miss-it – Pst Joel Oke [21MB]
 Download Now

8. Identifying-your-Identity-as-a-Weapon – Pastor Daniel Olawande [20MB]
 Download Now

9. CALLED-TO-BE-A-WEAPON-OF-WAR – Pastor Daniel Olawande [24MB]
 Download Now

10. Charge – Pastor Richard Osanaiye [19MB]
 Download Now

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