We are in a generation where we want to experience God’s glory but we are not hunger and thirst after God. This generation is a talking generation and not a doing generation. We talk so much on what God did in time past, we talk so much on how God used our fathers in faith, we talk so much on God’s power and glory but we failed to convert those talks to realities in our own lives.

We want to carry power but we are not desperate enough to pay the price to see the realities. Men of God taught us of new creations realities; only few of them pressed further to show us that we have a responsibility to experience the new creation realities.

What happened to your hunger for God? Where are the Deborahs, Dorcas, and women like the daughters of Agabus? What is killing your true passion for the Spirit? You can’t continue in your fireless, prayerlessness and dull Christianity and expect to feature in what God is doing. What are your own Christian distractions, won’t you deal with it now before your distractions pluck you out of God’s plan?

Are you pleased with your spiritual capacity? Are you pleased with you running from post to post to see a prophet to tell your God’s mind? You claimed to be spiritual but 30 minutes prayer is a mirage for you. You claimed to be a son of God but you hardly talk to your father.

Will you be happy if your children meet this kind of Christianity with you? Christianity where Sunday is the only day you set aside for God in the whole week, all other days are for work and pleasure. Christianity where you dare not go late to you place of work and business meetings but going late to the presence of God is not a big deal to you.

Don’t you see something is wrong with your type of Christianity? Christianity where we value dailies and novels more than the bible. The bible has become a sacred book that only comes out on Sunday yet you are crying to know God’s mind.

A Christianity where our passion for smart phone is more than our love for God. You dare not operate your phones when working and business meetings but you freely operate your phone when the preacher is communicating God’s mind.

A Christianity where the height of their journey with God is not more than 10 minutes Morning Prayer, yet you can sit with your television for hours. If your child should ask you in years to come about your walk with God when you were young what will you say? Will you be proud to say you seek God in your youthful age?

What is your distraction? May your life never be too cold that hell won’t see reason to identify you.  Don’t you know your youthful years must be dedicated in serving and seeking God? What excuse will you give to God for not pressing into Him? Please tell me… What are your encumbrances?

If as a brother you don’t have an effective, burning and fireful altar you would be a disadvantage to your wife and children. If as a sister you don’t know the way and act of God, you have successfully laid a faulty foundation for your children.

There is a disease in this my generation…complacency…..We are contented with little things of the spirit we have experienced….Hmmmm. As a matter of fact, I have noticed that majority even stop at speaking in tongues; that’s the height of their walk with God.

Where is your hunger for God? Is it a crime if you begin to operate in Spiritual accuracy of word of knowledge or must you always be a customer to ‘prophet’?

Young man, you are sleeping, you are already laying a faulty foundation for your life and destiny. With the way you are handling your Christianity, I pity the lady that will marry you. Can I tell you the truth, life is more than accumulation of wealth it is all about fulfilling your destiny in God’s way. Will you stir your hunger for God and be a man your wife and children will be proud of?



  1. Consecration: Keep yourself from all forms of defilement (defilement of the spirit, soul and body.)
  2. Consistent spiritual feeding: You must always feast on anointed and healthy musics and books from anointed stewards of the kingdom.
  3. Prune your association: Break away from anyone distracting and defiling you. Be unapologetic about it.
  4. Check your inner circle: Stay close to people stretching your hunger. Walk with people with deeper understanding and consistency.
  5. Prioritize your secret place: There’s no point walking round the city like a bus conductor, laughing around like a clown. Be a man and woman of the secret place. Learn to enjoying the blessedness of spending time with God.
  6. Get Books: Don’t just invest on your physical body but also invest on your mind. You must have tools in your library. What do you have when your urge for sex immorality is haywire? What do you have when your prayer life is dying? What tools will you engage to acquire knowledge?

You must know that it is your spiritual life that controls your physical life (health, academic and financial life), therefore give priority to it. A time will come when money won’t be able to bail you out while it is your spiritual command that will.

Develop capacity. Build your hunger for more of God. Don’t allow complacency to ruin the possibilities you can get in the realm of the Spirit.

My vow: I will pursue God with my last breath that heaven, earth and hell will know that a young man did so.

Will you join me on this quest?

Culled from Hearts on Fire Book By Oladimeji Olayinka Joseph

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