5 simple ways to rekindle the fire of God in your life.

If you fire has gone out or dying out, the good news is God want restore us back. He wants to rekindle the fire in you once again. Now let me show you five simple ways you can rekindle the fire of God in your life. 

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1.         Clear the ashes

One of the evidence to trace a place burning on fire before is the gathering of ashes; be it a burning house, lantern or fire food. The first thing to do is to clear out the gathered ashes.

Before you can rekindle the fire of God in your life, you must first of all clear out the ashes that have gathered over time. Ashes are the residue of a burning material; an evidence of something been burnt. You must clear out the past testimonies, encounters that have become stale, in other for you to have fresh hunger to rekindle the fire of God in your life. These testimonies if not put side will block your spiritual senses to see the real state of your spiritual journey and see the need for refire.

Also ashes can represent sinful act that have become a habit over a period of time. Your inability to remain burning have plunged you into sinful acts which must be deal with, purge and repented of before you begin to seek the fresh fire.

2.         Trim the wick

 If you are going to rekindle the fire of God on your life, there are a lot of things you must cut off. If flesh ahas taken over from the spirt, get to work on the flesh by fasting. Deal with some things that comfort has brought your way, like spending time watching television than praying, eating too much and becoming heavy to pray at night and sleeping to much too.

3.         Muse upon the Word.

Usually you will notice people who are no longer on fire for God do not have time for the Scriptures. They have lost their passion for the Word although they may still be active in the church. The Psalmist says, ‘My heart was hot within me, while I was musing the fire burned…'(Psalm 39:3)

The Word is the fire in the boiler room of your heart. Stay with the Word; Go to a church that preaches the Word- the uncompromising Word. The two disciples on the road to Emmaus give us another piece of the puzzle,

Luke 24:32 – And they said to one another, “Did not our heart burn within us while He talked with us on the road, and while He opened the Scriptures to us?” Clearly the Word of God is important if you want the fire of God to burn afresh in your heart.

4.         Go back to the Source and Stay where the fire is

I want to share a story to illustrate this: A certain faithful believer was noted by the pastor to have been absent from many services. The pastor went to visit the individual and found him in a back room sitting before a roaring fireplace. The pastor sat side by side to the individual in an armchair for a while before the fireplace when suddenly, he reached over and pulled a red hot coal out of the fire and laid it on the hearth of the fireplace. In a little while, the red hot coal became a smoldering ember and eventually a cold white ember, emitting no heat. While both were sitting and observing what just transpired the individual looked at the pastor and said that he would be back in church.

Beloved, fellowshipping with believers who love the Lord and are on fire God will keep you on fire. That is why you have to be careful as with whom you hang around with. The old saying is true, ‘Birds of a feather flock together.’ Some Christians think they are so clever in thinking that they do not need to go to church. I am going to be as blunt as I can. No matter how small or big your church is, as long as they love the Lord, preaches the Word and do not quench the Spirit then you should attend your church faithfully.

5.         Don’t quench the Holy Spirit

Paul emphatically told the Thessalonians ‘Quench not the Spirit’ or as the GOD’S WORD TRANSLATION aptly pens it, ‘Don’t put out the Spirit’s fire.'(1 Thessalonians 5:19)

What does that mean? Do not put out or extinguish the fire of the Holy Spirit. On the day of Pentecost, cloven tongues of fire sat upon the disciples and the spoke in tongues. In other parts of the book of Acts they spoke in tongues and prophesied.

It is very clear to keep the fire burning you need to constantly be tapping into the gifts of the Spirit.  We must constantly pray in the Holy Ghost. This should be done daily at least for a hour. Make fellowshipping with God in the Spirit a daily priority and never suffocate the prophetic and any spiritual gifts. The Holy Spirit wants to speak to you. Despise not prophecies and prophesying.

I realize that there have been abuses with prophecies and the gifts but as the old saying goes, ‘Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.’ Many churches have washed down the operations of the gifts of the Spirit in the church. It shouldn’t be so these gifts are for us today. Make good use of your gift for the edification, benefit of the body of Christ and to the glory of God.

Also don’t quench the Holy Spirit by constantly disobeying Him. Disobedience is one major way to shut down or kill the fire of the Holy Spirit in you. Remember this is the beginning of the downfall of Samson. Make it a duty to always obey God’s instruction to the best of your ability. I know sometimes obeying those divine instructions maybe hard but there is grace for every instruction given but I daily ask for the grace to obey Him, you can do the same.

Doing these three simple things can keep the fire in your life burning for God. It is a cure to lukewarmness. If your fire is already going down, then do these three things and watch how your fire burns brighter again.

Beloved, are you one of those who have lost the fire on the altar? Are you living in lukewarmness and you want to overcome it? Or have you come to Him for salvation? If not, then I want to invite you to come to Him now and receive eternal life through faith in Jesus.

Say this prayer: Lord Jesus, I believe that you are the Son of God. I believe that you came to die on the cross for my sin. I acknowledge my sin and ask for forgiveness, give me a new beginning. Work on me, change me and give me the grace to please you. In Jesus name we pray.

I know majority of us many not say the prayer because we are saved before but do you have a burning heart for the Lord? If yes, are you still burning like you use to when you first started the journey of Christianity?

Beloved, let me make it clear to you, sin will immediately quench a burning heart. David was a man after God’s own heart but his sin broke his fellowship with God and brought him sorrow and pain. When we get so busy in our lives that we begin to crowd God out with our other priorities we smother the fire in our hearts.

If we neglect God’s Word, if we neglect spending time with Him in prayer and fellowship our hearts will begin to cool and our activity will begin to slow to a stop.

Why don’t you pray for God to rekindle your fire? He is willing to stir up that little fire in you, will you wait till you are dead spiritual before you call on Him or will you call on Him now? Go ahead and pray.

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  1. This is helpful to us young believers coz we lack the knowledge of the word but we like talking to much for we what we don’t know so well

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