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It is our month of the Word for Release, for Recovery and for Replication. Our objective is to understand the Release Power of the Word.
The Word of God is a trigger for diverse releases in life, a major trigger for diverse releases in life. Whether it is the release of destiny or the release of liberty or the release of vitality, it is a trigger for diverse releases.
We are going to look at three examples of such releases this morning quickly as we proceed:
1. The potentials and destiny of the earth were released by the spoken Word of God. Until God spoke and His word came, no one knew that the earth was filled with vegetation. God spoke and plants came out of the earth. The plants were in the earth all the while but the spoken Word of God brought them out.
The fishes, no one knew that fishes could come out of water except that God spoke. The water had the potential to produce fishes but that potential never saw the light of day, until the Word came and brought them forth. Church Gist. The sky had the potential of been populated with birds but no one saw the potential of the firmament, until the Word went and pulled the birds out.
There are things that you carry, there are things we have been designed to become that we may never become except by a word encounter. Look at the testimony of that man, living in one room in South Africa, suffering with his wife. The only one room was burgled, almost lost everything. But he got a Word encounter and repeated Word encounter and continuous encounter with the mantle of this commission that brought him out.
Connected him with the overall corporations owner, took him from there to becoming an Africa regional manager. Travelling everywhere, from a pauper to a principal person at the instance of Word encounters. I believe that there are people here today, that the Word of God is encountering, whose stories are changing right now. If you are among them, you are saying a louder amen.
That was the example of the earth that came forth with potentials by the impact of the Word. Just like the earth was and no body knew what was inside the earth, until the Word came. Nobody knew what was inside the water, until the Word brought them out. Nobody knew what was inside the sky, until the Word brought them out. As you are seated right now, nobody can fully predict the potentials of your life.
There are many of us, people have dealt with you on the basis of what they can see physically, but what they don’t know is that; there is something they cannot see, something they cannot fathom. Growing up, most of us were treated and handled based on what people could see on face-value. I’m sure there are people like that today. They didn’t give you the chance to become anything. They concluded on you as a child. They concluded that your type can have no future, until the Word of God began to come and your life began to change. But I am here to announce to somebody, the change has not even started.
– I speak today, by the Word of God that is in my mouth, that something is changing in your life and something is shifting in your life and you are shifting to another level beyond where you are now to the suprise and shock of your generation!

2. Joseph was released out of captivity in Egypt by the Word of God (Psalm 105:17-20, John 8:32, 36).

The Word went into the prison and the Word located Joseph and broke the chains of captivity and broke the chains of bondage and broke the chains of oppression and pulled him out. It doesn’t matter the kind of prison they have kept you; it may be a physical prison, a financial prison, a marital prison, a career prison. It may be a prison of demonic affliction. The Word of God has the capacity to bring people out of prison and I believe, somebody is coming out of prison here this morning.
We have seen people in physical prisons. Our Evangelism department went there with Seeds of Destiny and the people would read the Seeds of Destiny and then the encounter will begin. One of them said, he saw me in a dream and tell him that he would be released. That is those on awaiting trials. Some of them are on the death road, that is there have been sentenced to death by hanging. Yet the Word of God came in and took them out of that situation mysteriously. The Judge said, I drop all the charges. That is the power of the Word to set people free.
One day, a man came to the Church in Area 1 and this man had been a victim of a demonic woman that attached herself to his life. He didn’t marry the woman, just that this woman subdued his life for 8 years. This woman was more of a demon than a person because she had an altar in the bedroom. She appeared and disappeared at will. The man himself became like a mad man, there was nothing he could do to set himself free from this woman, until he came for a night vigil, Worship and Wonders night and the fire fell. He heard the Word and the fire fell and God said; is not my Word like fire? Church Gist. This man went back home and this woman or demon looked at the man and she began to reverse. Where are you coming from; fire, fire. Where are you coming from? Fire, fire and she packed her things, her altar and disappeared into thin air. The Word of God is forceful enough to set you free from any covenant, any engagement,.
– Whatever has tied your life, I am here by the anointing of the Holy Ghost to declare to somebody; whatever has tied down your life, tied down your family, your children, destiny and puts you in any form of prison, today, it shall be broken!
– Lift your right hand and say; I receive my release by the Word.

3. The health and vitality of the Centurion’s servant that was released by the Spoken Word of the Master.

It requires nothing but the Word to release health into the body of that Centurion’s servant (Luke 7:2-10). ‘Send it in a word and my servant shall be healed’. He sent His word and healed them and delivered them from their destructions (Psalm 107:20). That was what the Choir sang just now; “Just one word from the Lord, is enough to make the difference in my life”.
– The Word is coming your way now. Whatever is the disease in your body: whether it is hypertension or diabetics or HIV. Whatever it is in your life; fibroid, barrenness, mental condition, today I declare, I decree; they are arrested forever!
– Lift your right hand and say; I receive diverse releases today into my life by the Word. Everything that must be released into my life, I receive today by the Word.
Don’t forget that the Word of God is the vehicle for the transportation of spiritual resources from the Heavens to the earth. What I am saying now is real. One day, I was traveling to the United Kingdom and inside the aircraft, I laid my head a little bit, it was close to a main convention and all of a sudden, I saw in the air, like trailers and trucks in the Heavenly there, fully loaded, some covered, fully loaded and I said Lord, what are these? And He said these are the supplies of the people in transit. Church Gist. That was when I knew that spiritual things are almost as real as physical. There were vehicles in the air, filled with goodies. I believe that those were words that carried the luggages, that must be pushed to come. Even as I speak now, everything that is yours that is still hanging in the realm of the Spirit, whether they are your children or they are your promotions in the office or they are your resources or they are your finances or they are the things you need to set up your life and your destiny, they are released now!
– Before this week is out, you will testify that one of those trucks arrived your house, your company, your family.


1. The Word of God puts earthly systems under pressure for desired release because everything has an ear, everything on the earth has an ear for the Word of God. Why did I say so? Jeremiah 22:29, O earth, earth, hear the Word of the Lord.
Systems put under pressure, what kind of system?
a). The earth at creation when God spoke and the waters brought forth the fishes and the earth brought forth the vegetation and the sky brought forth the birds. When Peter toiled all night and caught nothing, a word came and put the water under pressure to bring the fishes out of that water (Luke 5:3-6).
Let me say this again: every system, every man, every organisation, every institution that is holding anything that is yours, anything that belongs to us as a Church and belongs to us as a Nation and belongs to you as a person and belongs to your family, that is held by a man or woman, by system or an institution, I declare; they are put under pressure, their systems are put under pressure. They lose their peace and sleep and rest until what is yours enters your hand. I declare it done in Jesus precious name.


1. The Word must be received from the Lord for particular situations.

You are dealing with stagnation in life and in business, you are dealing with whatever it is, receive the Word from the Lord. The sister who gave her testimony said, when she was having the gluten sensitivity, hypersensitivity. “Lord, I need a word from you”. No doctor, nobody told her, she just received the word that ended that death trap because that was progressing unto death. Because the right word carries the word force to produce change (Job 6:25). Every situation requires the right word to produce the right force in other to enforce desired change.
While you are thinking and meditating, a Scripture pops up, a verse pops up in your mind, in your heart. You go through the whole of it in context. While you are studying that, the right word or you are praying, it might be the Word from the Scripture or the Word from the Spirit, the right word carries the right force.

2. The Word must be released into the situation to produce desired outcome.

You don’t only receive the Word, you release it. “Hey you situation, thus saith the Word of the Lord; affliction shall not arise the second time”. You release the right word into the right situation to experience desired change. That is, you send the word on assignment (Psalm 107:29).
– Something is happening to somebody here.
Lift up your right hand.
– I see the Lord opening the eyes of people, both physically and spiritually. Finding it difficult to see clearly and not seeing at all; the opening of the eyes, the opening of the ears. Opening of the eyes also for those who have lost their gifts of revelation; revelation into the Word, gifts of visions and dreams. Above all, there is a restoration of spiritual fire; fire of prayer, fire of study, fire of fasting, fire of worship.


Isaiah 10:27
– I declare the release of your destiny right now in the name of Jesus.
– Everyone who is a victim of captivity, I declare by the reason of this anointing, you are released from every bondage, every imprisonment, every manipulations from hell, every cage where the enemy has caged your life and your marriage and your children, you are released.
– I decree the release of your health. Everyone sick in the body; sick with cancer, blindness, deafness, dumbness, fibroid, whatever it is. I declare by the release of this anointing, your health is released.
– I decree right now, the release of light and insight (Exodus 25:6). As the anointing comes upon you, may scriptures become open for you. May you see light from the Word of God. May you see light of revelation. Every spiritual blindness is blasted open by the anointing and as you speak, you shall see.
So shall it be, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.
Father, I receive this oil of release: release for my destiny, release of liberty, release of my health and vitality. Release of insight, release of light, I receive this oil of release today in the name of Jesus.
(c) Churchgist

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