Yeshua Hamashiach: Rediscovering The Truth About The Man Called Jesus, His Diety And Why He Came

Have you ever wondered if what you heard about Jesus Christ is the truth? Who really is Jesus? This book will answer your most crucial questions about Jesus Christ (if not all).

Jesus Christ is the most extraordinary person who has ever lived.
What manner of man is this that every religion ever practiced had studied; learned of Him and have one thing to say about Him.

To demonstrate that Jesus was not a mere man, God chose a virgin to give birth to Him. And it’s amazing to see how religion all over the world came to term among other things on the virgin birth of this ‘Man’. This alone affirms that He is different from any other person that has ever lived on the face of the earth;

This book YESHUA HAMASCHIACH presents truths about Jesus Christ with such simplicity as not just a man that walked the street of Galilee but He’s God walking on the street in human flesh; God who came for us, lived with us, died and lives on for us.

In this book, you will find answers to many crucial question in the most simplex form; analytical, simple term and revelatory.

  • “Is Jesus really God?”
  • Why do we call Him God and also the Son of God?
  • Why He’s the only one qualified to save us and the only way to God?
  • Is once saved truly forerver saved?
  • Can a Christian fall away?
  • And many more insightful revelations through the help of the Holy Spirit.

Truly, Jesus Christ is the most extraordinary person who has ever lived and what you know or heard about Him is worthy of investigation if its truth or not.


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