The Unforseen Inner Beauty By Ojuolape Funmilayo (Christian Fiction Story)

Its another great Christian fiction master piece from Ojuolape Funmi. If you have read The Bittered Heart story then you will need to read this one as well because this story is the continuation of The Bittered Hearts.

The Summary of The Bittered Heart Prose..

I got molested on my thirteenth birthday by my dad. He also molested me when I turned 16 after which my private teacher Mr. Lawrence had advantage of me after drugging the orange juice he gave me.
I got to realize that my dad wasn’t my biological father after his death. He was just a foster father to me. My mum had cardiac arrest three days after my dad’s death.
All this turned out to be the ordeal I faced in life. Now I’m left with nothing. I am all alone in this miserable life of mine.
“Suicide is the best thing to do in order to end this miserable life” I said to myself

A peep into The Unforseen Inner Beauty…

My life that I thought was the worst appears to be the best when I heard other’s story.
Who would have thought that a light, a bright shinning light would have appeared at the end of my tunnel.
My story became an inspiration. The scar from my past became a reminder that life tried to break me but failed eventually. It’s really true that every cloud has a silver lining.

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