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Lukewarmness is rampant in the church today. The question is how can you recognize lukewarmness in your lives? Lukewarmness is manifested as a lackadaisical attitude towards the things of God. While there may be more, I want to bring to your notice some common manifestations of lukewarmness in the world today.

  • Attitude toward the Scriptures

Appetite is a great sign of health. When there is no hunger to read and know the Word like you used to then lukewarmness has crept into your life.

  • Attitude towards Supplication                                                           

No zeal for a powerful personal prayer life. You go to church but your prayer life is virtually non-existent or on the verge of dying. You no longer keep vigils and your prayer time has become a burden to you.

  • Attitude towards Sanctification

What you would have never partook of years ago has become acceptable in your eyes all in the name of so called maturity and grace. It has made you indifferent about personal holiness. The Word is no longer the alpha and omega in your life but society now determines what you believe is right or wrong.

  • Attitude towards Soul-winning.

What about soul winning? Prayer, the word and fasting is not all that is needed. The Great Commission which is the only reason why Jesus left us here for is no longer your heartbeat. The Great Commission is now the greatest omission in your life. You cannot remember the last time you led somebody to Christ. Soul-winning is no longer a passionate pursuit.

  • Attitude towards Service

What is your attitude towards gathering with the brethren as scripture instructed? Are you committed to see the church of Christ grow and spread? Most times the people gives excuse, ‘The church has hurt me’, and that’s why you are not involved in the local church. I’m going to be blunt with you, ‘Who cares if the church hurt you? Did Jesus hurt you?’ No! Then your excuse is not valid. The notion of sitting in church and do nothing is an indication that the fire has died on the altar.

  • Attitude towards Singing and Shouting

As funny as it may seem yet is a pointer to your stand in Christ. When your praise is not vibrant as before and there is no expression of gratitude and joy for your salvation. The singing is half hearted and the shouts of other saints are viewed as annoying, repulsive and a source of embarrassment for you, beloved your fire is going off.

  • Attitude towards church Support

You no longer view church attendance as imperative whereas before you would be in all the services. Do you give to the things of God in the church?  There is no support in tithing and offerings as well as any outreaches of your church. This indicates that your wood is wet and the fire truly died out.

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