Have you ever wondered that the richest and wealthiest persons in the world are not even believers? The fasted growing and developed countries are China and UAE yet they are countries known to be against the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Most of the technological innovations and creativity are birthed by unbelievers. The breakthrough we have from the social media are brought to us by non-Christians from Facebook, twitter, Instagram, whatsapp to Microsoft and so on.

The question is where are the believers? With what is happening in the world can we assume that the unbelievers are more blessed and gifted than the believers?  NO.

In the beginning, the bible says God created man, male and female He created them. It did not say God created the believers but MAN (both believers and unbelievers). Also noticed, that the first pronouncement of blessings was also on all the creation including the unbelievers. Therefore by the reason of this pronounce all men are declared blessed regardless of the religion.

Also it’s important to note that when God created us, He deposited everything we are going to need to have a better life and also make the world better. Although all men regardless of colour, race, religion were born naked but no one was born empty. God gave men talents and gifts irrespective of races and religion. But how we deploy these gifts and talents to use is basically our own to figure out.

What went wrong?

The bible says the children of darkness are getting wiser than the children of light.

When we relaxed and only depend on spiritual empowerment for everything, the unbeliever keeps developing themselves, training and researching. When God is looking for men to release ideas to and make the world a better place, most believers are found wanting. Most can receive the idea but are not equipped enough to know what to do with it. The unbelievers are more positioned to receive ideas and implement it more than the believers.

Although, you are a son of God, He won’t give you want you are not prepared to receive.

What should be done?

I know you are saved and have the Holy Spirit but you need to be diligent in any field you find yourself. Strive to be the best in that field.

Position yourself for creativity ideas from the Lord by working hard and researching.

Yet we believers have an advantage over the unbelievers, it’s the touch of the Holy Spirit

A touch of the Holy Spirit is an enabling grace that releases the anointing upon whatever you do. A touch of the Holy Spirit is the “extra” in extraordinary and “super” in supernatural. It turns your ordinary talent to extraordinary one. It transforms you from natural man to supernatural man.

A man with a talent is known to be talented but a man with a talent who carry the Holy Spirit is known as the anointed-talented man.

Whatever you are doing in life, whatever industry you find yourself, there is a spiritual dimension to it. And until you align to the spirit dimension, you will always struggle in that area.

When you align yourself with the Holy Spirit, then He will open the door of ideas, creativity, innovations unto you.

You won’t just be doing things from the point of skills and talent but you will be helped to perform better and meet needs.

A touch of the Holy Spirit will separate you from others in your field. When a teacher has a touch of the Holy Spirit, she won’t just be a teacher but an anointed teacher. When a politician has a touch of the Holy Spirit, he won’t just be a politician but an anointed politician. Whatever you do with a touch of the Holy Spirit will make it to be anointed.

Will you rather go for a touch of the Holy Spirit or struggle with your talent?

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