Becoming The Flaming Man…(The Concluding Part)

Whatever fire touches must change it state either liquid, solid or gaseous. When a man is on fire, it produces a flaming man and a flaming man is a man with a changed heart which in turn produces a changed life.

  • The flaming man is a man with a changed direction: The fire kindle in the life of the two disciples changed their direction, for they hurried back to Jerusalem. Majority of us began a new journey of life when we came to the light of the gospel. We can literally say old things have passed away and all things have become.

Oh! How lives have changed for better. How happy to hear of men with a stony, rigid heart melted before the presence of His Majesty. Destinies condemned to destruction have been altered and restore. Glory to God, no more curses, condemnation from sin and captivity once we cross over to the side of the Lord.

Moses life direction was changed from the prince of Egypt to the prince of God and a deliverer of Israel. Elisah was a successful business man but was changed to a great prophet. Joshua’ live direction changed from a minister to Moses to the leader of Israel. They were men on fire of God. When you are on fire for God, your life will change from worse to good, good to better or better to best.

  • The flaming man is a man with a changed message: the disciples message and focus of discussion was changed; it is no longer about moaning His death but they proclaimed that He was alive. They saw Him, ate with Him and stayed in the same house. They became a witness to the Risen Christ.

The flaming men are men recruited to be a witness to the saving grace and power of Christ Jesus. They are God’s representative everywhere they go establishing His kingdom. One characteristic of a man on fire is that he will become active in spreading the good news of Jesus. It will be like the hymn writer that wrote: once I was blind but now I can see. 

On the day of Pentecost, they disciples were in the upper room when the Holy Ghost came down in fire and Apostle Peter witnessed to the Risen Christ. Although they were are in hiding before, they had saw the Risen Christ but couldn’t share it with others because of the fear of persecution but when the fire came, the message changed.

  • Thirdly, the flaming man is a man with a changed attitude: The attitude of the disciples changed completely. A man on fire is a man with a changed attitude. When you are still struggling with your old way of life, it only means that you have no or little fire. When you are struggling with an addiction difficult to break all you need is more fire of the Holy Ghost. Stay in the secret place and seeking for His fire. When the fire comes the addiction will melt away.

Many people claim to be Christian in our churches but majority are living the old life. Nothing changes since they claim they met Jesus only few have a changed attitude. We are in a generation where we separated lies as white or black, not harmful or harmful, little or big lies. Forgetting that the one who stole 5 naira and 1 million naira will be judge at the court of law, what differs is the extent of the punishment.

How many of our choristers are wallowing away in the valley of fornication yet they are church workers? How many of our vibrant young men in the church are in the prison of lust and masturbation? What of some ministers of the gospel, who lack self control?

We have allowed sin to breed more among us because we failed to stay long and be worked upon by God’s fire.

What about your attitude towards church services, prayer and bible study? The church needs to return back to the day of His fire.

If there is a common phrase in Christianity apart from the name of Jesus our Lord, it will be the fire of the Holy Ghost, which has become a common statement we deployed in the place of prayer especially in warfare prayer. As a matter of fact, we have derived a formula of prayer from the fire of Holy Ghost; you hear preachers say call ‘Holy Ghost fire three or seven times’. I am not in any way disvaluing or disapproving the use of the Holy Ghost fire in our prayer meetings but I am so concerned of how we have built our faith and the faith of the people around the fire of the Holy Ghost but neglecting the Person of the Holy Ghost.

What the average Christian knows about the Holy Spirit is the fire of the Holy Spirit. As a matter of a fact, majority of the believers’ definition of the Holy Spirit is fire. And we have failed to balance the knowledge about the Holy Spirit to the people, resulting into neglecting the Person of the Holy Spirit and focusing on the miracles rather than developing a solid relationship with the One behind the miracles.     

In as much as we cannot separate the Holy Ghost fire from the Holy Spirit as pointed out above that most times God’s presence is linked with fire in the scripture, we should balance it by giving totally knowledge of the person of the Holy Spirit.

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(c) Excerpt from Hearts On Fire Book By Oladimeji Olayinka Joseph.

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