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The fire of the Holy Spirit is the fire that has the capability to operate both in the spiritual and the physical. It has the ability to affect your spirit, soul, and body. When the fire of the Holy Spirit comes upon you and it affects your spirit and soul, you will know in your body and those around you will take note too.

When an ordinary man carries the fire of the Holy Spirit, an ordinary man becomes a flaming man.

The Burning Heart is ignited by our communion with Him, it is intensified by the Scriptures and it will “inspire” us to become active. Your heart can not be burning with fire and you will remain dormant and in active. God’s fire in you will push you to a state of spiritual alertness and activeness.

The disciples had traveled a day’s journey from Jerusalem and had stopped for the night, had supper, and were making ready for the evening’s slumber. When Jesus broke bread and gave it to them their eyes were opened and they recognized Him. Perhaps it was the scars in His hands or the way He prayed but there was now no question about His identity. At that very moment He vanished from their sight and they began to discuss what had just happened to them.

They couldn’t sleep now; they had to go tell the other disciples what they had just experienced. This was night and they were seven miles from Jerusalem, but that made little difference to them.

When our hearts burn within us with the presence and reality of God we won’t be able to keep it to ourselves or act casually about it we will not only want to, but we will have to share it with someone else. The reason why you don’t engage in evangelism is because your heart is not burning for God.

Fire naturally attracts people. It doesn’t need public address system to announce its arrival. People are drawn easily to it. When a building is set on fire, everyone around will gather to watch it.

On the day of Pentecost, when the fire fell on the disciple, there was no announcement to the people about some 120 people on fire but the people gathered in their numbers and come to watch. Why? Because ordinary men have become flaming men……..Watch Out for the Concluding Part

Click here to read Part 2 (The concluding Part )

(c) Excerpt from Hearts On Fire Book By Oladimeji Olayinka Joseph.

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Hearts on Fire By Oladimeji Olayinka J.

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