Do you desire a drastic turn around this year 2020? This is for you.

Two things are crucial in life: Fulfilling your destiny and at the same time be a man that love God passionately. These two books will help you to achieve this.

Hearts on Fire will unveil the secret to building a consistent firebrand prayer life while Destiny: manifestation of the Sons, will help you to discover purpose, teach you how to pursue and fulfill it.

I’m offering these powerful books that has impacted lives numerously for a 50% discounted. I decided to do this because many have expressed their desire to get them but no financial strength.

Instead of paying N1500 to get Hearts on Fire and Destiny: manifestation of the Sons, you can now get the two for N750.

Valuable things are not always free but sometimes expensive.

This promo ends 20th February, 2020.

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