Learn The Simple Secret To Be A Man On Fire For God (Part 1).

To light a fire can be easy to some and it can be a difficult task to many but to keep it burn is where the work lies. When you try to light up your lantern through match-stick, the striking of the match-stick against the box is the first step. It can get this done at the first strike or after many attempts. And believe me it can be frustrating when you don’t get it done after some trials. Yet a greater task is to keep the fire burning after it has been lighted up. You have to guard it against the blowing air and keep the lantern fueled to keep the flame burning. Failure to fuel the lantern will lead to quenching of the fire.

As a matter of fact 90% of Christians thirsted after God’s genuine fire right from the time they got saved; many got fed up and quit placing a demand on God for His fire after several attempts of prayer but no fire. Only few Christians continued and persisted till they got the fire and they are men of authority in the realm of the spirit around us.

Igniting the Fire of God in your life may be frustrating after many attempts but it required persistence and consistence to contact it. I know you have tried you best to carry this ancient mantle of fire. You have fasted and prayed yet nothing to show for it but if only you won’t give up and stay in the secret place, the fire will be yours.

The fire is always in the secret place waiting and seeking for men who will dare pay the price.

Can you please, don’t give up on your quest to carry the genuine fire? Can you please tarry as long as it will take you to carry the fire? Can you please pay the price to carry the one thing that can shape this generation for God?

Yet we cannot deny the fact that there are men among us that have once carried the genuine fire of God but they cannot sustain it to burn. Many minister of God have become yesterday men of fire. They encountered God in the past and did tremendous things but they have become a tale that is been told.

You may succeed in contacting the fire but you need to keep the fire burning and this is done through prayer and the word.

God’s fire is ignited by the scripture but intensified through communion.

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