Don’t Lose The Battle to Lukewarmness!!!

Our nations have experienced great revival and outpouring of the Spirit. Great revivalists emerged from all over the world from America to Europe to Asia to Australia and to Africa. Unfortunately, lukewarmness has taken over the nations, our churches and our hearts. We are in the century where our heart, our passion and zeal for the Lord Jesus is growing cold day after day with little or no knowledge of the Holy Spirit. No wonder the 21st Century believers is less passionate and less effective compared to the older generation of believers.

Christianity in this age is becoming a joke and churches being tagged ‘business centers ’ because many churches has lost the fire and power of transformation. We are in the age where God’s fire and the supernatural is becoming a tale, the age where the Ministry of the Holy Spirit has been reduced to head knowledge and it seems no one can bring or walk in the supernatural and the age where passion for God and the things of God is fading away. This is not the type of Christianity the older generation of believers left for us.

Where is the power that transform sinners to saint? where is the fire for the supernatural? where is the burning love for God that keeps men praying for hours and makes men do anything for the sake of Christ? Where have we missed it? Young generals wake up! Let’s go back to the old path and walk therein. Let go back to pay the price to bring back the ministry of the Holy Spirit to this generation. Let’s arise and change this generation.

Thanks for reading. In the next post, I will be sharing how to know you are going the way of lukewarmness and what to do.

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