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1. Be determined to create time for God:

no matter how busy we are at work or school, we all know how to keep tab with our loved ones. I think the best way to bring out the beauty of our relationship with God is to see Him as a lover. Treat and behold Him as your lover. Create time to fellowship and commune with Him, you may have meeting/lecture stated for 12 hours yet there will be breaks in between. Instead of wasting the 15 minutes by walking up and down, gisting and sitting without doing nothing, you can maximize the time to fellowship with your lover. You can do this even as you take launch or tea break.

2. Go extra mile:

have you ever notice how busy the politician are? Yet all of them create time to consult their ‘spiritualist’ (mostly at night). Even if you are as busy as the politician, you should also create time to meet with God (The head of all spirits). If you really want to balance your spiritual life and career you must learn to go the extra mile to fellowship with God. As a matter of fact, you need to keep night prayers (you can start once a week and it can even be for like 20 minutes). Bear in mind it’s not necessary for you to start by 12 am, you can sleep till 2 or 3 am and prayer, just be consistent.

3. Take God with you to work/school:

God is not our dog that we left at home, god is the reason we live. Wherever you go, take God with you. Have the consciousness of God in your mind. While you work, play worship songs, audio messages or audio bible. I personally make use of this and I also have a habit of saying words of prayer at intervals as I work. Prayer as little as ‘thank You Jesus’ , ‘glory to God’ or ‘God have mercy on me’ as busy as I may be. This will help create God’s consciousness in us as we work.

4. Always attribute the achievement in your career to God:

let this be in you, no matter what you are able to achieve, no matter the height you reach in your career, it is not solely by your power. You are assisted spiritually. You are not the only diligent worker nor you are the only one who is fit for the promotion but there is a supernatural force behind your upliftment above your mate. You may be smart and intelligent but that doesn’t guarantee success in life. Many intelligent people don’t even have the grace to go to school. Many smart people are on the street looking for jobs. Always give God the glory for any achievement, doing this will help you to be conscious of the fact that God is the one directing your life. And it will drive you to seek Him more in order to get more result.

5. Turn your weekends to personal retreat:

you may be busy doing the week but some weekends will surely be free for you. Turn that Friday night, turn the Saturday to a day with your Maker. Be in your room or go to a quiet place and spend with Him. Spending 3 hours with Him every weekend is not too much (don’t forget you can start small).

BY Pastor Olayinka Joseph

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