Archbishop Benson Idahosa

About 85 percent of ministers in Nigeria today have seen late Arch bishop Benson Idahosa in their dreams once or twice? There is hardly a man of God I have met that have not told me the encounters he had with him. I mean, even as he has died many years ago.

My first encounter with him was on my birthday in 2006. I was just getting into Christ newly then. He came with some faces of men and women who have ran their race and left the scene. He gave me something like a stick and said to me: “HERE IS THE BATON, BUT GET READY FOR THE BATTLES…”

My hands were shaking and he was laughing. As he tapped me at my back, I woke up. Several times after that time, I have also seen him. Last week, a man of God called me for almost one hour, telling me how he has been seeing late Benson Idahosa in his dreams.
And I am asking myself, that: “Among all the anointed men and women of God that lived in his days, why is it him that God chose to be using to encourage young men of God in their dreams or revelations?”

Friends, there must be something this man did that we are not doing. There must be some kind of prayer this man prayed that we are too lazy to pray. This man must have seen some part of God my generation have been so distracted to look for.

Lord, please show me what You showed this man that made him an eternal excellency and the joy of many generations. Many years after he has gone to be with the Lord, his life is still impacting people. Please, Lord, Give me the value my generation alone cannot finish eating from. Give me OIL that will benefit the generation that will be here 200 years after. Distract every distraction Lord and help my weaknesses. If you used Papa Idahosa in that capacity, I know there is a search in heaven now, for men and women who will pay commensurate price in the place of prayer. To walk in dimensions unknown to men.

Please, Lord, interrupt us from this pursuit of vanities. Bend us at all cost. And please, use us. So that even after we have died, we will still be ‘alive’.

I’m one of those praying this prayer. We can’t only shout Fire and die and our children will have nothing of eternal value to say about us. There are more prayers to make sir. Some of us, God told us that we are going to become the next Benny Hinn. But because we have gotten tired in prayer, we have settled in the little manifestations we see during our village crusades.

Where is that woman reading this? God told you that He is calling you into ministry to carry the kind of Fire only men have ever carried. You were doing well before. But now, you have grown cold in prayer. Can you go back to those days you used to pray and fast?

Man of God, please, you are too young to enter church politics. Leave them to keep dragging who will carry bags for
big men of God in your denomination, so that they will be posted into big churches. Go and hide somewhere and look for God. When you find Him, both those carrying bags and those they are carrying bags for will know that you have found GOD.

Lord, I am ashamed of the times I have wasted defending my doctrines. Let them win the arguments. But please, don’t leave us like this. Give us FIRE.
Friend, if that is your prayer too?
Then, let us pray!


Excerpt from GIVE ME FIRE OR I DIE By Iyke Oriaku


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