Destiny: Manifestation of The Sons By Oladimeji Olayinka Joseph

Life is like a journey; it will be meaningless without a definition. The journey of life will be aimless without a direction. You will be lost on the voyage of life without a chart to course its destination. Your life will be nothing but full of regret when you don’t have a definition, direction and a destination.

PURPOSE is the chart of a man in the journey of life; it defines who you are, direct your pathway and shows where you are heading to.

Beloved, no matter where you found yourself in the journey of life, don’t just sit and feel regretful without acting. Time is running out, don’t be late at destiny! Take charge.


2 thoughts on “Destiny: Manifestation of The Sons By Oladimeji Olayinka Joseph

    1. Amen..Thanks been to God for giving us a gift like this. please feel free to send in your question regarding that.

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