Dearly beloved, how are you sustaining your prayer life?

I know you can prayer for 5 hours stretch in tongues but is it consistent?

Daughter of zion, you are blazing in the place of prayer especially in cooperate prayer meeting, hope you don’t mistake your effectiveness in prayer meetings to having a prayer life?

Prayer is the lifeline of Christianity. It is one of the deciding factors between the victims and the victors in life. When you are a praying Christian, you become a principality in the battle of life but when you are a prayer-less Christian, you become a prey in the battle of life.

Yet you must note that the journey of christianity is not a 100 metres race but a marathon with the finish line out of sight.

The fact that you are on fire for God today doesn’t guarantee you will be on fire for Him in few years to come. How dishearten, to see young men and women who were once burning for God but burning for something else right now.

Men that make prayer meetings their hang out joint have no interest in the same prayer again. Women that cherish bible study and are committed to bible verse memorization can’t even quote 5 verses correctly but have their brain full of worldly songs.  Or should we talk about those days of laboring in the church just to make sure God’s work doesn’t lack but it’s a pity, you will rather labor in the flesh than in the Lord. What have you turn to? Where is you love for prayer?

When you burn on fire for God, satan is afraid of you but guess what? you  are his target you are on his watch list. Those times when you are hot and on fire he watches you from a distance. Those times you prayed for hours non-stop, he keeps off. Those times you are committed to retreat, He dare not disturb. But he won’t give up on trapping you. Satan is never in a hurry to get you he can wait for years to this. If you ask Samson, he will tell you how cunning satan can be in trapping a powerful and prayerful Christian.  He never relents.

Men of God, you are never on satan’s watch list if you are not a problem to the kingdom of darkness but if you are branded for Christ you will be noted in hell and declared wanted. That is why it’s so crucial that you maintain you prayer life. 5hours in a week pray can’t do it, 3 days marathon fasting in months can do it, but a life of consistent daily prayer is the weapon to keep you off the radar of the enemy.

Take note sir, when things are blazing satan is not moved, he is waiting for the downtime when you let down you prayer guard. Satan will always sponsor prayerlessness into your life to puncture your spirituality and produce advancement in carnality.

What devil is waiting for is a reduction in your prayer life he will now help you fan it into flame with church activities, excuses, sleep, over-eating, being busy, bitterness at God and so on until your prayer life dies. The death of your prayer life is a call for celebration in the kingdom of darkness because you are now vulnerable. No wonder the bible encourage us to pray without ceasing.

Secondly, when your prayer life dies there will be advancement in carnality, satan will not kill or attack you. He will now invade your heart with wrong, bad, carnal desires that lead to lust then you move into sin then you continue the sin until you are spiritually dead. This is the ultimate goal of satan against you. Kill the prayer life, kill the spiritual life.

Devil is not as interested in killing you as much as killing your spiritual life. Because he gains nothing if he kills you and you end in heaven that is why he will try all he can to make sure that you lose your spirituality but when he can’t get you to lose your spirituality then he will resort to killing you so as not to disturb his kingdom and convert many souls to Christ.


The only antidote is a consistent prayer life. How often do you pray?



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