You have what the World needs, When Will You Arise?

For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now..Romans 8:22

From ages to ages, the human race has been waiting for the solution to the challenges they are faced with. Right from the beginning of creation there has been a need. The more prolong the solution, the more anxious the people will be.

Every waiting is an act of outlook for hope. All the creations are waiting eagerly to the solution to these challenges.

There was a time the people of God (Israelite) were in deep mess and distressed. Humanly speaking there was and there can never be the way out. Having stayed in Egypt for that long under hard condition; their children were killed, many wasted in the water. The old and young, male and female were used as labor under severe condition. The females were maltreated and abused. The nation Israel was heading for extinction. No hope, not even one….they needed a deliverer. Where will it come from? Who will arise? That’s a reason for manifestation. Moses emerged at a time the Israelites needed deliverance. They needed it urgently.

Joshua 1:1-2, ‘Now after the death of Moses the servant of the LORD it came to pass, that the LORD spake unto Joshua the son of Nun, Moses’ minister, saying,  Moses my servant is dead; now therefore arise, go over this Jordan, thou, and all this people, unto the land which I do give to them, even to the children of Israel.’

After the mighty experience of deliverance out of Egypt, down to the desert and to the Red sea. Fought and won many battles, experienced divine provision of manna, quail and water from the rock. Experience the awesomeness of God under the leadership of Moses. There came a time of need; a need that arose at a time the nation felt to be at peace, tribes and families receiving their portion of the land, a time of freedom indeed. Suddenly Moses, their leader and deliverer was nowhere to be found either dead or alive, what a heart break. Not this time when he’s needed most…that’s a need for manifestation. Someone somewhere must arise…Joshua did.

Esther 4:7-8 ‘And Mordecai told him of all that had happened unto him, and of the sum of the money that Haman had promised to pay to the king’s treasuries for the Jews, to destroy them. Also he gave him the copy of the writing of the decree that was given at Shushan to destroy them, to shew it unto Esther, and to declare it unto her, and to charge her that she should go in unto the king, to make supplication unto him, and to make request before him for her people.’

There was a time the existence of the all nation of the Jews was under threat just because of a man, Naaman. A way out was needed urgently because it was a sealed plan awaiting execution. Where will help come from? Who will stand for them? At the very heart of the moment Esther emerged to save the nation.

1 John 3:8, even our role model, the Lord Jesus emerged at a time there was no solution to the lost world.

There have been needs in the world which has been met. There are still numerous needs everywhere. Needs of individual, needs of the families, needs of friends, needs of communities, needs of villages, needs of cities, needs of states, needs of nations. Everywhere you face you will always see a need waiting for solution. People are groaning silently, waiting for the day these needs will be meet. You can’t afford to sit back and watch people groan and suffer; there is a need you can meet. In your family, among your friends, your church, neighborhood, state, everywhere you are, you can put smile on someone’s face, and you can make someone’s life better by meeting just a need…not all of their needs but just a need.

There is a need to cater for, it requires urgent attention. Someone somewhere has been given the privilege to meet the needs of the world, the needs of Africa, this nation and even your own need. You reading this book have been destined and equipped by God to put a smile on your neighbor face; he/she has a need.

You have been destined to help this great nation attain the real meaning of greatness not just on paper but on the citizen. Nigeria needs leaders in all sectors.

You have been destined to help in one sector of the nation building. The transportation sector needs reformation. The health sector is decaying. Academics sector has lost its ground. Oil and gas has been a major problem. There is unemployment everywhere, despite the riches of our dear nation. Governance needs healing, the system has been corrupted.  It seems all is falling yet the scripture affirmed that the solution to all these are already here with us. I can boldly declare to you that you are one of those who God will use to fix this nation. You are a solution provider, wake up and save this nation. This nation needs you. She needs your bit of the mandate.

We must begin to understand and enlighten our people as a believer that we cannot separate ourselves from the affairs of our nation. The scripture says we are in the world but not of the world yet we are admonish to pray for our leaders because one way or the other the system of governance will affect us or those close to us. In fact we cannot separate the church from the world. The church is a community of people (the saint) from the society. Therefore when things go wrong in the society it will surely affect the church.

Fine we go to church, where the pastor downloads the word of God into our heads; fulfilling his assignment. We give our lives to Christ and became born again. This process of regeneration is to change our mind by producing the life of God in us (to change our thinking), thereby transform our character which invariably changes our person.

National transformation is a function of changes in individual’s life. We cannot change the system of governance except we change the people running the system. The system is always constant but the variable that determines the outcome we get from the system is the people that run the system and resources. If this national must change for good, it must begin with you.

Personal transformation must precede national transformation. For us to see a change in the system of governance, we must be determined to yield ourselves to the prompting of the Holy Ghost to produce change in us first.

We are baptized in the Holy Ghost not to just speak in tongues and make our neighbors frustrated swearing in their closet over our noises. We are empowered by the Holy Ghost to function beyond our natural capacity; producing changes to our society and the world at large.

Being born again is great. Being sexually pure is cool but this is not the end; it is to give us focus to channel our energy, natural endowment, talents, gifts and resources to maximize them in the fulfillment of our God given purpose which is the mandate of God on our lives.

All the investment and labour of Jesus on the Cross wasn’t just to produce “spiritual beings ” or “religion monarchs” who will walk saintly on the surface of the earth without leaving a path. God needs us to go to every aspect of our society; Educational, Agricultural, Health, Political sector, Economic sector, Music Industry, Entertainment, Fashion, etc with the Life of God in us causing positive changes in our society.

He has called us out of darkness (sin, ignorance, purposelessness, confusions, shadow) unto His marvelous light that we might carry that light into all the dark places of the society. Our society is plagued with many problems. Our leaders are wallowing in darkness of confusion. Our hopes are dashed in all the governmental administrations we have had till date. The change we are crying for keeps eluding us because we are looking for change in unlikely places. The ones who will change the world upside down for Jesus must take their places in the areas of the society God has mandated for them to take dominion.

You are born solution to this world. You have an assignment to fulfill. You are an agent of change. You have a role to play in this society. You are an agent of national transformation. What is the burden God is impressing on your heart? What social problems aches you like a plaque? Can we just start doing something for this society?

There are challenges to be tackled in this generation and the solution is with you because you are God-sent. There is a need for solution providers to emerge, you are not left out. There is a need and there will always be needs, your emergence is the answer to one of the needs. Rise up and emerge.

Excerpt from DESTINY: The Manifestation of The Sons By Oladimeji Olayinka Joseph


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