There has been a problem of IDENTITY since the fall of Adam. Everyone is trying to find their identity, searching for the answer of simple but loaded question ‘who am I?’

We have a larger percentage of confused men/women in the society today, walking through the journey of life aimlessly. People in their twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, sixties even seventies that are confused about the happenings around them and about themselves. No wonder, the world is in chaos. Why? IDENTITY PROBLEM.


When you are confused about your identity, you will be confused in all you do. Knowing your identity is the key to manifestation. Knowing who you are gives you a hint on what you are to do. You cannot manifest what you don’t know. Take for example; a farmer contracted to supply oranges in large quantities. If he desire to have orange plantation without knowing the seed that can produce what he desire. What do you think will happen, if he fails to differentiate between orange seed and grape seed? He will make grave mistakes of his life time. He would have wasted many years of hard labour without getting the desired result.

Just like the farmer who cannot differentiate between orange seed and grape seed is in the state of confusion. When a man fails to know his identity, he will be tossed here and there in ocean of confusion. No wonder many people are in the state of confusion on what to do with their life. Before long they become jack-of-all-trade without result. Lack of identity breeds a confused and frustrated life.

When a man lacks identity, he will make grave mistakes in his life. What usefulness is there for the farmer when he sows grape-seed instead of orange-seed? That a mistake; a costly one that he will regret for the rest of his life. Our society is filled with men/women who are product of costly mistakes. They found themselves where they don’t want and planned to be.

What is the problem of the farmer? Ignorance; the farmer didn’t know the right seed to sow, your failure to access the right information will lead to failure in knowing the right thing to do which in turn leads to wrong decisions that result in wrong choices.

Ignorance is a waster and a destroyer. It will lead you to where you don’t want to be. You need to take responsibility of knowing where you are heading to in life. Because your ignorance of your destination can make you take the wrong path. Wrong choices will definitely leads to wrong destination.

You can save yourselves from confusion and frustration in life by knowing your identity. Many people wouldn’t have take up the job they are doing now if only they had knowledge of their identity earlier on. Many would have saved themselves from marital heartaches if only they had knowledge of who they are. Don’t give your life to chances; go after the knowledge of who you are. This is the first key to fulfillment in life.

When a man lacks identity, he will be wasting years of hard labour unknowingly. It will take a while before the farmer realizes he had planted the wrong seed. What a disappointment! After years of hard labor tilling the land, sowing the seed, nurturing the plant and waiting patiently to harvest orange but to his disappointment here comes grape. Such is the life of many in the society. Waking up before the break of the day and coming back home when all souls are sleeping yet nothing tangible to show for it. This happens day after day, month after month, years after years, decades after decades…in fact majority has customize their life to that pattern of life till death comes. Living with the agony of wasted years. Ah! Hard work without result. What an agony, why? Lack of identity.

Exploit-making men are men of known identity. Your manifestation is largely determined by your identity. To define your manifestation in life, you need to know your identity because it is the bases of defining what you are to manifest.

Your identity is the uniqueness in you; what makes your unique. It’s what makes you different from others. Your identity is what defines who you are. You must settle the issue of your identity first of all before talking about manifestation. If you don’t know your identity you have nothing to manifest.

Your identity is set by the reason for your existence and by who you are. The ignorance of who you are will rob you off the benefit of who you are meant to be. When you don’t know the source of a thing it’s hard to trace the ending therefore failure to know the reason for your existence is the greatest barrier to manifesting it.

Genesis 3:5-6 recorded one of the ever-antics of the devil against humanity; using ignorance to rob a man. Devil knows that your identity is very important in manifesting on earth. It is a potent weapon in your hand, if unleash, it will destabilize the kingdom of the devil. For this course, he positioned himself to distort many from knowing who they really are. He gained control of their mind. Deceive them with evil report about themselves just as he did to Eve in the garden.

Who are you when nobody is watching? Who are you behind your clothes and make ups? Who are you, if all you have is taking from you? The answers to these questions will open up your destiny for manifestation.

You are a man with a mandate. You are God-sent. The world is waiting for you to manifest.


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