We are at a time when believers all over the world are committed to seeking God’s face for the New Year through fasting and prayer. In a bid to help organized that, some churches declared 21 days, some 50 days while some 70 days fasting and prayer. Yet it’s saddens to realize that only few believers maximize this time.

In the past years, we observed that many started the fasting with much commitment but lost commitment along the line yet many don’t even observe it.

Prayer on its own is work. It’s not easy to pray as many think it is, especially when you are praying for long hours. The longer the prayer time, the harder the work required to do it. It becomes harder when you combine prayer with fasting especially long days fasting. There is power in prayer and fasting.

  • The more you are committed to it, the more you shift from the physical realm to spiritual realm.
  • You have access to the spiritual realms.
  • It helps to develop and sharpen your spiritual antenna.
  • You begin to interact with the spiritual (see and hear the spiritual)
  • The more you fast, the more you take authority and dominion in the spirit realm
  • The more you engage in fast, the more it becomes easy to break off the old man and put on the new man.
  • Fasting helps you to be God conscious wherever you God.
  • The more you fast, the more you live to please God
  • Discerning God’s will becomes easy
  • The more you fast, the more you grow your faith and the supernatural becomes norm.

Show me a great general of faith and I will show you a man dedicated to fasting and prayer. Yet many believers can’t keep the culture of fasting and prayer.

In this era of long days fasting and prayer, I hope you have started and committed to it. And I also hope you are committed to finish it. It’s just a sacrifice of breakfast and maybe your lunch. You won’t die. Yet we know many who started with strong determination can lose their ground and abort the fast midway. But we believe this year can be different. You can do it.


What to do to keep your focus?

  • Prepare your mind:

You need condition and prepare your mind to the fasting for each day. Take it day after day. Be determine in your mind to fast the next day and always remind yourself the purpose of your fasting.

  • Create a personal purpose for yourself:

apart from the church purpose for the fasting, clearly set out your personal purpose for the fasting. Create a goal that will keep you focused throughout the fasting. What are you fasting for? For re-dedication, divine help, divine guidance over an issue or urgent divine intervention over an issue or for grace multiplication.

  • Have a request for each day:

apart from the church general prayer requests for each day, do you have a personal prayer focus in line with your set out goal for the fasting? When you have a personal prayer request for each day, it will help you keep focus on the fasting.

  • Engage in corporate prayer:

you must make it a duty to join other brethren in the church for prayer. Make it a duty to have the general prayer requests list/book. Even if you cant make it to the church to pray with others due to work, make sure you partake in the prayer. But be committed to corporate prayer meeting. It will keep your focus on the fasting.

  • Commitment to morning prayer:

As you wake up, make it a duty to pray out your personal set out request, it will help you focus on the fasting doing the day.

  • Discipline yourself:

Discipline is the language of great exploit. If you cannot discipline yourself, greatness will be far from you. One day fast requires discipline, talkless of long fasting. Stay away from anything that can make you break your commitment to fast

Long days fasting is needed if you want to be effective in your walk and work with God. You should try it more often.

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