What is life all about? Having a successful career? Controlling an empire of business? Gathering wealth? Living a flamboyant life? Getting married and starting your own family? To be honest these are peripherals of life but not the core essence of living. Having all these and what your heart desire are the ingredients that make life interesting to live but not the main purpose of living your life.

The essence of life is attained by living in harmony and contributing to life itself. The value of life is not in its duration but in its donation. We are here on purpose, for a reason… not just as a pawn of chess to God. We are here to live out God’s plan to the fullest and make life livable for others too.

It’s saddening to see the kind of life God desire for us (love – type and fulfilling) turn to be a frustrated and never fulfilling life.

Life itself is not frustration but men make it so. A frustrated man will surely have a frustrated life. How saddening to see in news or even personal talk of people regretting to be in this world. Oooh! Government is corrupted. Family desert. Betrayal of loved ones. Helpers are nowhere to be found. Problems upon problems… Many are living a regrettable life and this force pushes many to end their priceless life by themselves.

Why won’t you be frustrated and regretful of life when you are not living life according to the path God set for you? Life is like a big forest only God knows the way through it. When you fail to follow God’s path you will surely be frustrated and regret of ever-coming into this world because only God’s path guarantees a steady movement to a glorious end. If you go off the path, you will surely be injured, shattered and lost in life.

Many are full of regret right now, seeing life as being wicked and worthless. You may be one of them, it’s all because you are following your way in life if, only you can follow God’s pathway, you will be amaze to discover that life worth living.

Someone rightly said the purpose of life is living a life of purpose. Think of this: You are not on planet earth just to build a successful career, no! If that’s all life is about then we all are on suicide mission. Building a career is never fulfilling but living a life of purpose is ever fulfilling.

There is an urgent need today for every man to understand why he was born a human and not an animal. The question is why do I exist as a man? For what purpose is my coming to this frustrated life? Am I in this world to add to its number?

Unless you are able to answer these questions very clearly, you may not be able to live as God wants you to.

Everyone has a purpose and its take one with knowledge of his/her purpose to achieve it. Unless you know that purpose, you may end up being and doing what you were not born to be and to do.

Manifestation of the sons is all about you discovering God’s pathway before you in this forest of life, walking through it and showing others also the how to.  Manifestation of the sons of God is a call to life’s duty. You are called to discover, pursue, live and manifest the purpose of life.

Life is like a journey; it will be meaningless without a definition. The journey of life will be aimless without a direction. You will be lost on the voyage of life without a chart to course its destination. Your life will be nothing but full of regret when you don’t have a definition, direction and a destination.

PURPOSE is the chart of a man in the journey of life; it defines who you are, direct your pathway and shows where you are heading to.

Beloved, no matter where you found yourself in the journey of life, don’t just sit and feel regretful without acting. Time is running out, don’t be late at destiny! Take charge.

Excerpt from DESTINY: The Manifestation of The Sons By Oladimeji Olayinka


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(c) Olayinka J. Oladimeji

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