What will you do, if it’s you?

There is a story trending online for some weeks now.

About a marriage couple who had problem of child bearing. The mother inlaw has been a pain in the neck to the wife. she gets all the blame whereas the husband is the culprit. He knew about his infertility but refuse to declare that to the wife during courtship.

Click here to read the graphic story in full

2 thoughts on “What will you do, if it’s you?

  1. It has happened what next…finding solution to what’s on ground…And I can’t blame the man, he was scared to loose her bt never told her about that’s so wrong bcos if he had told the lady and she’s someone that really love him and can take his flaws..then they might have as well gotten a solution to their problem…But now the case is theirs now…the next thing is finding a way out if it… But pls Brothers keeping secrets or flaws from your fiancee isnt the best keeping it won’t keep her..Yes it won’t it can destroy a peaceful home point 1- Causing the Partner to start having Trust issues
    Point2- To unbelievers, It can cause infidelity if care is not taken
    Point3- And others which can lead to a Broken Marriage …. Let’s not forget a Broken relationship is better than a broken home …

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