LETTER TO YOUNG CHRISTIANS (PART 3): Learn From The Mistake Of The Old Generation

Letter To Young Christians: Mistake of the Old Generation.

To the young Christians of this generation and the ones to come and to all the saints in the body of Christ whether protestant, orthodox and Pentecostal.

Grace be to you and peace from God our Father, from the Lord Jesus Christ the Captain of our salvation and from the Holy Spirit the seal of our salvation.

Blessed be the Lord who deemed it fit to bring you to the household of faith among the multitude and has given you the grace to continue to walk in the path laid down by our fathers in faith.

For this cause, I write to you to clearly point out

There were mistakes some of the older generation folks made that we really need to learn from, avoid and correct so that we won’t fall into the same pitfall. Failure to do this, will lead to a frustrated Christian life as we can see in some of the older generation. Failure to do this can make the unbelievers mock our faith in God and it can give room to questions we won’t be able to answer by our yet unborn children.

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