The Ancient Mantle Of Fire

The Ancient Mantle Of Fire

The book of Acts 2 recorded that in the upper room, the Holy Ghost sat on everyone in form of fire irrespective of their AGE & GENDER.

In Acts chapter 10, at the house of Cornelius, The Holy Ghost descended on the entire household not excluding the women, youth and teenagers or even children ooo… If you haven’t read God’s Generals book please get the book and study how God used ordinary men and women for extraordinary things. Evans Brown, John G. Lake, the great healing evangelist William Braham, Katherine Kulman, Aimee Mcpherson and a lot of God’s Generals were all used from their youthful age to do jaw dropping, supernatural miracles.

Who said you are too Young to carry the ancient mantle?

Who said you are inexperience to wear the ancient coat of fire?…Aaaaaah

The supernatural doesn’t know age or gender, it only bow to those who have the ancient fire in them…click here to continue reading

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