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I get this lamentation often…he doesn’t listen…she doesn’t listen…I’m fed up!

As much as I am not a fan of the involvement of third and fourth parties in relationships…I must say times like this is when they prove helpful.

You might be wondering. ..who are the fourth parties? …These are basically your friends, but at times parents and your siblings fall into this category as well…especially when they’re into every of your affairs and won’t give a breathing space.

You must be able to prayerfully know whom you both would submit your relationship to, however having more than one relationship mentor/role model only breeds more conflicting opinions…so be careful with this.

Who are the third parties?

These are basically Role model/mentors and spiritual fathers.. .the latter is more reliable but it’s important to note that only GOD can be totally trusted. ..No godly spiritual father will knowingly mislead you or give a biased judgement, just don’t forget they’re men after all.

This leads me to ask…how is your personal spiritual life? Do you hear Gods voice? Do you follow the leading of the holy Spirit?

With all the above under check, you have high tendencies for a successful relationship.

So pray and talk to God about an excessively strong willed partner who just won’t listen…God directs the hearts of men like a stream of water…your partners heart is in the hands of God…so it makes sense to pray.{see prov. 21}

You can speak to your spiritual father too if after praying there seems to be no change…He’s likely to guide you through the right steps to take.

After the intervention of the third party {spiritual father} and there’s yet to be a difference,  then check your self to see if you can/willing to overlook or cope with what he/she is being strong willed about…It’s all about sacrifice.

If you can, then I wish you good luck!

But if you can’t. ..then it’s time to kiss the relationship goodbye.

It’s a relationship, its a place to iron out your differences and see if you’re fit for the next level (Marriage).

It’s lawful to end a relationship over a reason such as EXCESSIVE love for football(especially if he/she has no specific vision in that line i.e not planning to be a  football coach or footballer)…while you on the other hand literally hates soccer!

It is however not lawful to maltreat or hurt your partner in marriage over ANY REASON…So take your time when you still have a choice.

You will always find someone with your line of interest and for whom you’re willing to reach a compromise.

Being in love takes dedication, commitment and sacrifice but all these shouldn’t be a burden or something you’re struggling with.

Thanks for reading this long; we believe this write up is helpful. Please feel free to comment below and share this write up to your friends and family. It can save a brother/sister.

©Ogunwusi Mayowa Samuel

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