​And the pastor said…say after me:
“For better for worse”     “For richer for poorer”
“In sickness and in health”
“Till death do us part”…
“You may unveil and kiss your Bride”
“I pronounce you husband and wife!!!”
That is usually the beginning of every marital journey….
Marriage is two lives covenanting themselves to be together forever and should only be separable by death. Marriage isn’t a comedy show where all that happens is just a joke!
Before you think of asking her the big question “will you marry me?”…have you considered the long-term factors that may occur?
And pretties, have you taken some time out to think before jumping at that proposal from the tall, dark and handsome guy standing before you to say “yes I will?.
Marriage is beautiful but not all rosy.. As much as it has a “better”, life has a way of bringing the oda side of the coin along our path.
Guys! Shape of a lady should not be the only factor for choosing her as your spouse. Likewise ladies! The Ferrari he rides, the exotic trips, the expensive gifts from a guy should not be the reason for saying yes to him..
While choosing a spouse its important to look beyond the material things that are visible and take consideration of his/her personalty during courtship

  • his/her character(bossy/domineering /materialistic/lazy/prudent/understanding/selfish/patient etc).
  • temperament (introvert /extrovert ;perfectionist/not accommodating/prefers dull environment /secretive/accountable).
  • spiritual compatibility (Christian – islam/islam-islam/Islam-atheist /atheist – Christian)…

Life happens a lot in marriage… reality won’t ask for your permission.
“Tracy” may look beautiful but don’t forget she can’t determine her own fertility level as to know whether or not she will have babies as fast as you expect
“Rowland” may look perfect as a guy but you know he doesn’t have control over the number of sperm cells he can produce as to fertilize a woman… Darling no matter what happens the covenant of marriage says you stick to him/her, love and cherish your spouse irrespective of what life brings your way cos its “FOR BETTER FOR WORSE”…” TILL DEATH DO US PART”
Never forget that “God hates divorce “!
May God bless and keep your marriages.

Thanks for reading this long; we believe this write up is helpful. Please feel free to comment below and share this write up to your friends and family. It can save a brother/sister.


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Ogunwusi Mayowa

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