Now I’m having that rush of adrenaline again…it’s so overwhelming…my head is heating up…whew!

Though I haven’t even met my crush officially but every time I see her at CDS my heart beats faster.

I know it’s not lust, this girl looks so much like my dream girl and even before meeting her, I can see she behaves just like my fiancée; very decent and well composed, you’ll never catch her talking idly like every other female corper…she’s usually at a corner with a book in her hands.

I’m not a kid and I have met hundreds of women, none of which would ever make me imagine cheating on my fiancée…the love between my partner and I is real.

But this new girl is like the upgraded version of my partner…

I finally met my crush officially and coincidentally in a bus…

She flagged down the bus I boarded from my house, I was so engrossed with my new phone that I didn’t even notice it was a corper who entered till she sat beside me and said

“good morning”

…this made me look up and reply…

“good mor…”

I couldn’t complete the greeting when I realised it was my crush.

She noticed my interupted greeting which I tried covering up with a broad grin… She looked back at me weirdly though but didn’t talk…lol

To create a new first impression of me in her mind, I decided to quickly start a conversation with her…

“What’s the title of the book you’re reading? ” I asked.

She replied “you read books?”

Wow! That’s the exact way my partner usually answers a question with another question…I’m really liking this girl already o, her hair, her smile, the way she talks, the way… RING! RING!! RING!!! _(My phone rings and interrupts my secret thoughts of admiration)_ I observed it was the customized tune I set for my fiancee…oh boy!, I would have picked up but I know we usually end our conversations with “I love you” and “I love you too” which I really didn’t want my crush to hear me say, at least not yet.

Well, I ignored the call and it ended…all the while I tried covering up the sound of the phone by asking her series of questions which she kept answering with questions and soon there were numerous questions I have unanswered… RING! RING!! RING!!! …my phone rang again…I tried covering up by asking her another set of questions which she replied again with a question only that this time, it was a confrontational one…

“That’s your phone ringing right?” She asked.

Chaiii…I knew I had to answer this time or else my crush would assume I stole the phone.

“Yes! It’s mine…I didn’t hear it ringing” …so I quickly picked.

My fiancée: hey dear

Me: heeey what’s up?

My fiancée: where did u keep your phone?

Me: I didn’t know you were the one ni…sorry

My fiancée: haha…didn’t you tell me you customized a special ring tune for me?

Me: ……..

My fiancée: hello? Are you there?

Me: yea yea yea…what’s up?

My fiancée: haha…what’s wrong with you this morning? Anyways I just called to check up on you noni…hope you’re on your way to CDS already sha?

Me: Yea, I’m in the bus

My fiancée: Ok…we’ll talk later then…byee…I LOVE YOUUU


My fiancée: Helloo o?

Me: Hello

My fiancée: I said I love you

Ok…before I reveal what happened next, let me share with you some basic lessons this taught me…
1.) It’s very possible to have a crush on someone asides your partner…however, it’s how you control, manage and eradicate the feeling in the long run that matters the most…

2.) Remind yourself that this is most likely the same way you felt when you first met your fiancée…your heart raced then too.

Your spouse was also formerly your crush till the day she confessed loving you too…

_So it’s only logical to say your crush too shall no longer thrill you as much the moment he/she begins to reciprocate the gestures…_

Go back home and concentrate on giving your love to the appropriate person…”drink from your cistern and let her breast always satisfy you…”

_Prov. 5:15&19_

3.) The moment you begin to compare your spouse to your crush, you’re beginning to create troubles for yourself…AVOID COMPARISONS!

4.)Never find it difficult to say I love you to your spouse in the presence of the opposite sex…it signals the inception of flirting.

5.) Acknowledge to yourself that you’ll always meet people who would seem better than your partner BUT YOUR PARTNER MUST BE THE ONE YOU WILL ALWAYS CHOOSE TO EXALT EVEN IN THE PRESENCE OF MR/MISS WORLD….to do otherwise would only create a sense of inferiority in your partner…IT’S REALLY AN UNFAIR THING TO DO.

Never break up with someone simply because you found someone new and “better”… as this only portrays you as one without self control or contentment… NO ONE IS PERFECT, YOUR CRUSH DEFINITELY HAS FLAWS TOO, YOU JUST HAVEN’T DISCOVERED IT YET…AND TRUST ME, SECRET FLAWS ARE WORSE.

OK….back to what happened in that bus

My fiancée: Helloo o?

Me: Hello

My fiancée: I said I love you…

Me: *clears throat… hello… hel… loo.. he…llo…helo…

My fiancee: hello…can you hear me?

Me: Lemme call you back….the network is bad… (drops call)
(…sigh of relief)

So I turned back to my crush and said…”that was a friend of mine…it’s been long we spoke last”

My crush: *Scoffs…

Whoever calls you is none of my business, is it?


Her response pain me die…na so I angrily pick up my phone to call back my partner after realizing I had only been making a fool of myself…
Me: babe…what’s up dear?

My fiancée: yea…I’m fine…are you at CDS now?

Me: No…still on my way, just wanted to say I love you…

My fiancée: *clears throat… hello… hel… loo.. he…llo…helo…

Me: hello…can you hear me?

My fiancée: Lemme call you back….the network is bad… (drops call)

Thanks for reading this long; we believe this write up is helpful. Please feel free to comment below and share this write up to your friends and family. It can save a brother/sister.

(c) Lovewrightclub

Ogunwusi Mayowa


  1. You have shared something real with a practical approach and the style of writing is such that held me reading till the very end. More grace sir

  2. Glory to Jesus for blessing you through this post. we believed that the rest will bless you too. please go through it. cheers!

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