Marriage seems to be fun and interesting for a man especially when he thinks of it from the sexual perspective…it’s the eventual license for sex…he says…What else can a godly christian ask for than to be guilt free when thinking romance…humn…true in some ways you say, but soon enough the excitement would turn to a norm.

SOON, he’s confronted with the FULL responsibilities of his manhood…Now that goes beyond sex! He has to deal with the bills, emotional stability, fatherhood, spiritual state of the home, courage, maturity, etc…

SOON, sex becomes the last thing on his mind!

A real man must take his time in the place of personal development before considering or awakening his affection towards a woman, it takes more that sexual gymnast; that’s mostly the first thing a normal guy knows about relationships…having sexual understanding alone is like walking boldly into an examination hall expecting to pass just because you know the course title. Study further lest you find yourself changing diapers wondering “how on earth did i do this to myself?”

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Ogunwusi Mayowa

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