Statistically speaking, lovers in distance relationship are usually 125miles apart on the average and only get to talk once every 2-3days.

Let’s define this term…long-distance relationship.

This is the situation in which lovers are far apart and only get to have physical touch rarely.

Long distance relationship is often caused by educational reasons, family, job, search for greener pastures etc.

The distance has both it’s advantages and disadvantages.

Here are some of its advantages.

  • It helps you discover if you are personally a person of integrity and should earn the trust of your partner. When you’re far from your partner, several amorous flings and alluring spree will come your way…this in itself tests your true character and commitment to both your partner and your personal values.

The true character of a man is that which he exhibits in the secret…things he does when he’s not being watched.

  • If you practice chastity as you ought before marriage, being far from one another reduces the include of sexual temptation. However, if one lacks personal values, this might end up opening doors of fornication with other people.

Here also are some disadvantages.

  • Lack of physical touch…Touch such as hugs, holding of hands, fixed eye gazes, etc can never be replaced with the best technology or video call. People who’s love languages include touch and quality time will find distance relationship very frustrating. For such people, a simple hug is better than a thousand words…. Just running around in a garden or taking a selfie with you gives them the euphoria of being in love.

We all are not the same, we are uniquely different.

So you not being physically around makes them weary and fret. They begin to get moody without cause till there’s a total emotional disconnection…leaving you with assumptions of infidelity.

  • Distance in relationships tends to adversely affect communication…this in turn leads to a whole lot of other issues such as
  1. Extreme jealousy
  2. Anxiety
  3. False assumptions
  4. Feeling of loneliness
  5. Excessive emotional pressure etc

In my opinion, the disadvantages of a distance relationship outweighs its advantages. However, there are few things you can do to make the distance bearable pending the time the gap is breached.

  • Be psychologically prepared that certain things will be inevitably different.

You have to discuss these likely things with your partner. Both of you must be understanding, don’t be unrealistic with your demands and expectations.

  • Give priority to voice and video calls.

Good communication is extremely vital for the survival of any relationship.

  • Send gifts and messages…be creatively romantic about it.

This goes a long way in reassuring your partner of your unwavering commitment…it reflects how much you think about them in their absence.

  • Pray together over the phone

Nothing stops you from praying together even though you’re miles apart…If God in heaven hears the prayer of men on earth…then really there’s no distance in the spiritual realm! Pray!

  • Trust

Trust your partner and also make it easy for your partner to trust you. Calling other people pet names on social media platforms will only create wrong assumptions in your partner’s mind…Don’t be careless with your words.

  • Be peaceful

Be more willing to give excuses for your partner’s inadequacies…be peaceful and not swift to pick up offences, he/she would only end up hiding things from you. Avoid unnecessary confrontations and anger…learn to patiently express any displeasure.

  • Schedule visit days (when possible)

Don’t just relax and say….”we are too far apart”…thrive to at least see once in a while…you never can tell, it might not be as difficult as you thought. Don’t forget, where your treasure is…there also your heart will be. Go visiting.

  • Plan to Relocate

Lastly, make plans towards a time when either of you will relocate to be with the other…Long-distance relationship shouldn’t be practiced for too long.

May you find peace and happiness in your relationship.


Thanks for reading this long; we believe this write up is helpful. Please feel free to comment below and share this write up to your friends and family. It can save a brother/sister.

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Ogunwusi Mayowa

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